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2014 Challenge

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    Challenge Description

    People have created models of the NASA Curiosity rover—this project would try to test actual functionality using robotic hardware/software. Build a functional robotic model of the ExoMars rover for educational purposes. Program collision-avoidance strategies. Plans should be open hardware and made available to the public.


    A model of the NASA Curiosity rover has been built and can be purchased online. This project would go further and try to test actual functionality using robotic hardware/software.

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways for you to frame this solution:

    Working scaled model of the ExoMars rover (or any rover); and/or

    obstacle avoidance on uneven terrain using sensory input

    Sample Resources

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • RAVEN

      Exploring the surface of a planet capable of sustaining life, few things can be more exciting. The construction is based on an Arduino microcontroller, using sonar and infrared sensors for the object avoidance algorithms. When something needs to be bypassed, the rover photographs it and adds the... Visit Project

    • chipfc' rover

      This project is to create a scale model of rover robot for education It have two part, rover robor and android app. rover can move, collision avoid and collect data from environment. Android app control rover wireless freely. Android app is an education app, user can take information about ... Visit Project

    • RC-Deimos

      This project aims to create a rover robot to operate automatically or manually on mars. Using Arduino, Beagle Bone Black, a camera, a robot arm, robot can transfer image, video, controlled moving, getting sample of soil remotely. Visit Project

    • Obstacle avoidance Robot with surveillance capability

      This robot built using Raspberry Pi uses the sensors to to sense the obstacles around the area and would accordingly avoid the obstacle and avoid collision. The video camera would be used for surveillance and would run as when an obstacle is encountered and hence stores this pictures in the memor... Visit Project

    • Delta Spero

      Our Project will help for solving one of the biggest world problem-education.Befor starting the project we make a reserch of the existing robots for training students.The result of our reserch was-now exsist many educational robots for students,but most of them teach only programming concepts.W... Visit Project


      The purpose of our project is to create an innovative robot which is controlled by wi-fi network. It provides the user with the functionality to move around in space, and to take pictures of the environment. We have created Windows Phone 8 App and Windows Store App which is used for controlling t... Visit Project

    • EduRover

      EduRover is a Space Apps project conceived with the intention of bringing the space robotic systems suitable for student. The rover is the essential object of our mission, but it is also a funny tool for spreading the knowledge of the space and of the great extraterrestrial achievements. Visit Project

    • Efficient photovoltaic system that tracks the sun.

      There are a number of good reasons to choose to tracking stationary (fixed position relative to the sun) photovoltaic system (save space and funds from large areas of photovoltaics, ceteris paribus, to produce the same output tracking system will need much less space compared with the stationary)... Visit Project

    • Robot "PHOBOS" is my best Friend !

      PHOBOS , is a fully robot for Education purpose , he is a combinaison of Mars rover and Humanoid Robot , Phobos use Two Arduino , communicating by I2C protocole as "Master and Slave " for his intelligence (actions movements , obstacle avoidance , bound ground , and inter-activity with humans ... Visit Project

    • Marte

      The project aims to give people a resource with which to learn the operation of a robot through a user-friendly interface and intuitive control, the interface is designed to create a virtual environment that emulates view on another planet and thus better meet the educational part of the project.... Visit Project

    • P-TECH Rover

      This project is aimed at fellow students around the world who have demonstrated interest in the Mars Rover (Curiosity) and would like to see a demonstration of a model similar to that. Our robot will provide the user with an interactive experience through the use of innovative modern day technolo... Visit Project

    • DragonRover

      This rover is able to avoid obstacles with a programming algorithm, using ultrasonic sensors connected to Arduino board. As well as get samples of different kind of variables as temperature, light intensity, environment humidity and atmospheric gases, with the purpose of analyze new environments.... Visit Project

    • JoyDevs

      presentation of JoyDevs team.. from the space apps challenge NASA 2014 in Cochabamba. showing our prototype of ExoMars Robot ("JOY") this is controled by a joystick RS-232. the reason what we call it JOY.. we hope you like them :) Visit Project

    • Android Rover

      Android Rover is basically a surveillance robot like the ExoMars Rover, but it uses the computational power of an Android Smartphone for carrying out its tasks. Using the powerful OpenCV Libraries for Android, the robot can track, identify and follow a specific object, at the same time providing ... Visit Project

    • Rover Chober

      The creation of a somehow intelligent rover who can dodge obstacles by its own means. But instead of using multiple sensors, the servomotor will point the single proximity capacitive sensor to five different directions. The vehicle can also be controlled in a grafic interface in your PC or device... Visit Project

    • obstacle avoidance on uneven terrain using sensory input provided by a Microsoft Kinect

      Use the sensory input provided by a Microsoft Kinect, in particular the depth data, to allow a robotic rover to successfully avoid obstacles and navigate through rough terrain without flipping over. Visit Project

    • FobosMars

      Control mini robots to know more your environment and discover new things, also educate the people about the space culture and empower them to learn about the work of the awesome Mars mission and the capability of try this features directly on their living room wherever they are.Give the possibil... Visit Project


      uses the tracks of Curiosity Rover 2012 to deploy a 14-meters long beam, which can be used for scanning or shallow digging, a large (relatively flat) surface area. Visit Project

    • Exo explorers

      The aim is to introduce the features and capabilities as well as the target of the Exo Mars robot in a small scale model to the general public. Our rover could be used for educational purposes as well as serving as a helping hand for the Exo Mars rover. The ability to bring the science and aim of... Visit Project

    • MarsWalkerMX

      The MarsWalker Rover, is a robot inspired in the ESA's ExoMars Rover. Our rover has the capability of travel on irregular terrains eluding obstacles. The MarsWalker Rover is full automatic, the navigation is provided by stereo images through webcams and a computer on board calculate the best tra... Visit Project

    • Robot SpaceBot versión 1.0

      Grupo innotech (Innovación Tecnológica) a creado en dos días el robot llamado Spacebot versión 1.0, con el fin de ser lo mas similar al robot Rover, este prototipo fue creado en lenguaje open source, con placa arduino mega, contiene 5 servos para su brazo y 4 motores DC, un modulo de bluetoot... Visit Project

    • The little rover that could (Second place local Waterloo)

      A robot that has ultra sonic sweep scanner, that passes it to a middleware nodeJS server that then gives the data to the driver. The driver is wireless using a low powered transceiver. ![Rover](https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2900/13861498843_e2fd276f6f.jpg) Controlled by your computer or a... Visit Project

    • Anveshak (Explorer)

      Aim: To build a Robot for educational purpose which helps to understand/teach some of the challenges in exploring . This rover is capable to go over the small obstacle on an uneven terrain, avoid obstacles, ability to stream video and status to Ground station (Laptop) over Wi-Fi, ability to ta... Visit Project

    • Sergio RNS

      We'll write it later. Visit Project


      Nuestra propuesta es la creación de un rover que permita conocer la composición química de la atmósfera marciana, y a la ves también observar las posibles formaciones de compuestos al interactuar entre si, esta toma de datos se desarrolla con la implemenación de cámara de análisis de gases tenien... Visit Project

    • Mars Scape

      We are designing an educational application set for the space exploration field. It consists of a series of browser and smartphone applications which serve as control panel for a scaled model of the Curiosity rover, or a virtual rover. Users will send their rovers to complete missions, like findi... Visit Project

    • Global ExoMars Rovers Network

      - A global Network of interconnected Mars Rovers - An easy to make platform for testing - Use of open source hardware. - Use of open source dependencies and libraries. Visit Project


      Working on the EXOMars is my rover challenge. Visit Project

    • eXoRM

      Our approach and solution to the challenge was redesigning a 3D rover model in SolidWorks, a hardware test and simulation in MatLab Simulink and developing an executable code on the LabView FPGA platform. With this synergic integration we have created a semi-autonomous rover. Visit Project

    • ExoMars Rover is my Robot - Eclat

      We have created a robot that avoids obstacles using an ultrasonic sensor. For moving we have used servo motors controlled with Arduino Uno. Also, we have used Raspberry Pi for video live streaming from android camera. Visit Project

    • Exomars Rover Game

      Improvement of the motivation of students throught a game. 1) ROBOT 1.1 Each robot, to have the possibility to take part to the competition, must respect the established rules' dimensions. -maximum height 30 centimeters -maximum breadth 30 centimeters 2) PLAYGROUND 2.1 The playgroun... Visit Project

    • Mission Martian

      We aim to integrate EV3 Robotics to increase public awareness and attraction to ongoing and future Mars rover missions. Our program will not only entertain people from every age but also educate them about the endeavors of a Mars rover mission. We want to bring Curiosity, Opportunity, ExoMars and... Visit Project



    • Diseño robot educativo, Un acercamiento a la robótica

      En este proyecto buscamos acercar las dinámicas y el funcionamiento de un robot explorador de forma similar a como lo hace los robot desarrollados por la Nasa. Para esto y con el fin de dejarlo al alcance de todo público para el desarrollo e implementación, utilizamos el lego NXT, ya que su est... Visit Project

    • R-Bot GlovalHyperMegaNet

      Tomando el desafio del exomars - Raven, se construllo un robot con la capacidad de desplazamiento con ruedas, provisto de sensores para la deteccion de obtaculos. Estos son 2 tecnologias de sensores utilizados el primero es ultrasonido y el segundo infrarojo, estos sensores son monitoria por un m... Visit Project

    • CaptureCam

      Since space exploration began, images and video from outer space have inspired scientists, engineers, artists, and other innovators all over the world. Recently-developed virtual reality hardware has allowed people to experience virtual environments like never before, and this technology could f... Visit Project

    • CaptureCam Omni

      Conventional video capture devices have a limited field of view, which limits the situational awareness at any given moment. Since space exploration began, images and video from outer space have inspired scientists, engineers, artists, and other innovators all over the world. Recently-developed v... Visit Project

    • Robozika BR-PE

      Proposed Solution ; The ExoMars Rover inspired by the model will be developed in pursuit of improved functioning in parts of communication , sensory and collision with solid compounds . Its skeleton is based parti a simple inspiration of nature , the sphere . The idea to hold a " round " model ... Visit Project

    • Simulador Curiosity Rover

      Se Trata de un simulador de rover en unity donde puedes controlarlo virtualmente en tu pc, este simulador se seguira desarrollando, se apliacaran mas funciones , Leap Motion y Kinect donde el usuario tendra una nueva experiencia en los simuladores. Realidad Aumenta, a futuro de implementara c... Visit Project

    • Hegemony Roverdrone | a Mars Curiosity Rover Companion

      Compartmented into two pieces. A rover base and mini UAV able to detach from its base, Hegemony is equipped with sensors, cameras, GPS and radio transmission capabilities. 3 Mission Scenarios/ Hegemony Rover-drone support: -- Curiosity wants to secure his way to get to a point located at a... Visit Project

    • G9 Basic Rover

      Who we are? ============= We are 3 computer engineering students, without enough experience to build a rover. We decided to create a simple ExoMars rover which can be built by anyone. What is G9? ============= G9 is our rover. G9, is a basic but extensible rover to test designed algortih... Visit Project

    • ROVINO

      It uses ATMEGA 32U4 Arduino Micro for controlling the rover. It contains 2 sets of DC geared motors connected in parallel to facilitate locomotion. An additional chain has been attached to increase the grip. It has a CMOS black and white wireless camera which can stream live video and aud... Visit Project

    • Rusty

      ##Base As a base platform we used 4 wheel robot equipped by x64 processor inside mini-ITX mother board and ruled by Ubuntu OS. ##Orientation To orient on planet we used compass from quadcopter controller. ##Target finding To find 'interesting' targets we are used color photo from one of ... Visit Project

    • BotRover

      Se desarrollará una interfaz entre Internet y BotRover por medio de una pagina de web, por lo cual el propósito principal es el control del móvil explorador, este puede ser manejado mediante una computadora o por medio de un celular ya que su control será por medio de Internet. El móvil explorado... Visit Project

    • OpenCuriosity "Follow your curiosity, open your mind"

      Have you ever wanted to try your inventions or experiments on Mars? Would you like to experiment with measurements taken on the Martian surface? ![Alt text][id] [id]: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/457855333721858048/qGqLQ3Cc.jpeg OpenCuriosity is an open source, exomars rover (1... Visit Project

    • Curious Bot

      The Universe: Our project is aimed at building low-cost rovers for exploration of rocky moons, exoplanets and asteroids to gather as much data as possible from them. The purpose is to send thousands of these Curious Bots into our solar system and beyond. The data gathered will help us learn mor... Visit Project

    • Hybrid Adaptive-locomotion and Manipulation EXOMARS Rover

      The proposed rover, inspired from Rabbit, has a locomotion system that seamlessly blends the advantages of wheeled, tracked and legged mechanisms. Different types of locomotion can be switched back and forth on demand as well as autonomously based on the terrain characteristics. The rover is... Visit Project

    • AVrBot4.0 Lab Education

      For the user to get a closer look on "Curiosity", he would probably want to see how it does work on some kind of prototypes. To do so, the user has to know about the specific machine language of the specific hardware that he is using. The issue that is raised is the fact that the open source com... Visit Project

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