EXOMARS ROVER IS MY ROBOT Proposed challenges; Improvement in the mobility and structure. Improvement in the collision.

This project is solving the ExoMars Rover is My Robot challenge.


Proposed Solution ; The ExoMars Rover inspired by the model will be developed in pursuit of improved functioning in parts of communication , sensory and collision with solid compounds . Its skeleton is based parti a simple inspiration of nature , the sphere . The idea to hold a " round " model was taken into account mobility on uneven terrain and avoid cornering machine . The internal mechanical structure will serve as a weight for balance and orientation of the sphere in case of tipping and even came rolling (effect " Bop Bags " ) . The locomotion have two wheels resting arranged at the back with a cushioning and impact over a sphere of smaller size with greater mobility in order to balance the number and axis. The format will assist in provision of sonar sensors which will feature three of the sonars . The sensors will capture both front and back , and the back are positioned two on each side and the front will have a mobile sensor in which moves horizontally 180 °. The project by the deadline of two days , had its modified structure , the main idea but there were changes in the final result , but kept flat and circular structure endowed with only two wheels that were made with 5 CDs and old drive belt causing that it runs on both sides (front and back ) The composition of the idealized spherical structure at first will be held parti use of carbon fiber to be tough, lightweight and does not interfere with their TRANSMISSIONS . Your collision system will be defined by calculating the average of the bodies near its structure . Ie , from the continuous movement of the robot will be conducted averages that define the trajectory of the body , thus avoiding the encounter with other objects . For the project itself upon the willing resources the robot was created using recycled materials such as; laptop batteries discarded , Depron , compact disc, belt drive , paper clip and fastening clips . The system is integrated with parti Junction Arduino processor, the sensory system ( Sonar ) and the display , where data from an approaching body will be shown.

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License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"

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  • arthur costa da silva
  • davi hirafuji
  • Lucas Daniel  de Andrade
  • André Luiz Monteiro
  • Marilia Azevedo