PHOBOS is a combinasion of a Mars Rover and Humanoid Robot , It use two arduino UNO as motors controllers and one Cubieboard as Server for webcam diffusion Via Smartphone and speech recognition . The robot can play with you Sciences Games with his ULCD 32_PTU Screen mounted in his Stomach (in each answers , with his head and his arms he can agree or desagree your answers ) . He can also been remoted via Smartphone and send to difficult place for human . At end he can be used as autonom Robot , to avoid any obstacles by taking his own decision .

This project is solving the ExoMars Rover is My Robot challenge.


PHOBOS , is a fully robot for Education purpose , he is a combinaison of Mars rover and Humanoid Robot , Phobos use Two Arduino , communicating by I2C protocole as "Master and Slave " for his intelligence (actions movements , obstacle avoidance , bound ground , and inter-activity with humans ) , The user can directely play Sciences games on his Touch screen 4D uLCD mounted in front of him . We give him arms and head to be more inter-actif with humans and to express his emotions as a real human .
He run on Cubian OS installed on his own ARM computer as server (CubieBoard A20 ) , so that PHOBOS can easily recognize speech using YANA , Or Kinect Device and execute orders , remoted via WIFI or internet by capturing images and data to any Android devices .

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License: NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3)

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  • Yannick Mensah
  • konou yao mawupe germain
  • Sam Kodo