The idea of our team is to establish rover that can be applied easily in the training of students. It will awaken interest in many young people to the technical sciences and trained by practice to create advanced technology, such as our project.Plus of our project is that it is cheap for achieve- 600 $(without became involved costs for software).

This project is solving the ExoMars Rover is My Robot challenge.


Our Project will help for solving one of the biggest world problem-education.Befor starting the project we make a reserch of the existing robots for training students.The result of our reserch was-now exsist many educational robots for students,but most of them teach only programming concepts.We believe that hardware knowedges are so important as software and they must to develop in symbiosis.Because of this we decide to make this project-Delta Spero. It include ten steps: 1.desk reserch. 2.creation of the hardware architecture of our rover - 3. creation of the hardware prototype of our rover 4. creation on the control station (we will use for this Raspberry Pi) 5.creation on the board camera control(we will use for this Raspberry Pi) 6. creation on the connection between the server ,prototype and website 7.creation on the website. 8.creation on forum 9.creation on live stream video 10. added the Arduino compiler

We use low level hardware and software,because it will provide more high speed ,when we make Data Exchange,between environment and embended hardware in real time.The speed of exsecute on instruction in real time is around 1 milion instruction per second.It is much more effective than bluetooth communication.or this we use accessible platform-linux Motion ,which is one land gear with four gear head motors.It will provide moving power for the machine.Raspbery Pi is used to manadge the rover system like micro computer and to provide communication with server,which play the roll of work station.In our project everything happens remote by radio modules,which are more sure and more long range(2km) than Wifi(50m).This comunication is performed by emulation on serial port.The Arduino is used like embeddet system,which provide information for environment in short period of time.To ensure the widest possible viewing angle from the workstation we used two servo motor, witch rotate the camera.The camera is mounted on Rasbery Pi servo and provide 180 degrees by x and y.It will give a chance for panoramic picture front of the rover. As further development,witch can help us to improve our idea and we think to create are: we will make forum in the control station we will pass live stream video from rover camera to our website we will add Arduino compiler ,which students will used to verify your code. The optimizations that we planning are: software optimization hardware optimization To finished our project we will create: Installation instructions: Exploration instruction: Instruction for teachers: Instruction for students: General goal of our project is to simulate real problems with creation of spacecraft-delay in communication ,energy consumption ,time for programming,human factor and another.our wish is with min resurs to achive max result.

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Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)


Lynxmotion Aluminum 4WD1 Robot Kit -
Arduino Uno R3 -
Rasbery Pi Model B -
Sabertooth 2X12 Regenerative Dual Channel Motor Controller -
3DR radio modules-433 Mhz -
Infrared sensors-GP2Y0A21YK0F -
Analog - digital multiplexer 74HC4067 -
Modelcraft RS-2 Servo -
Apacha 2 -
Arduino Processing software -
linux debian 7 -
php5 -
Curiosity rover -


  • Hristo Gendov
  • Omar Ali
  • Maria Vlahova
  • Stoyan Bogdanov
  • Veselin Marinov