Hybrid Adaptive-locomotion and Manipulation Exomars Rover (HAMER) This project is aimed to develop a rover with unique locomotion and manipulation capabilities. The system is designed to operate on difficult terrains and to perform dual arm manipulation of objects with different shapes and sizes.

This project is solving the ExoMars Rover is My Robot challenge.


The proposed rover, inspired from Rabbit, has a locomotion system that seamlessly blends the advantages of wheeled, tracked and legged mechanisms. Different types of locomotion can be switched back and forth on demand as well as autonomously based on the terrain characteristics.

The rover is equipped with dual 12 DOF arm manipulation. Each arm has proximity sensors and cameras mounted on it in addition to finger grippers. A 2D and 3D vision system is available on board to identify the terrain characteristics as well as to help tele-monitoring and visual servoing for accurate manipulation.

For the current purpose, communication between the ground station and robot is implemented though Wi-fi. An on board PC communicates with user PC in ad-hoc mode.

Software for the control and manipulation is structured as four layers. 1) Motor control and sensor data accusation layer. 2) Coordinated control for locomotion and manipulation 3) Autonomous terrain based locomotion switching and execution of top level commands from ground station for Arm and base navigation 4) Application layer with sensor data visualization, Tele-exploration and tele-manipulation and human interface.

The 5:1. scaled down model has a 3000 square cms footprint and a ground clearance is variable from 15 cms to 30 cms

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://bitbucket.org/asimovrobotics/hamer/src/ea2ac39c17506e8f452f592eb606e0e8ff0f8882?at=master


WriteUp - https://bitbucket.org/asimovrobotics/hamer/downloads/HAMER-V1.0.pdf
Assembled - https://bitbucket.org/asimovrobotics/hamer/downloads/HAMER-V1.0.jpg
HAMER Ground Test (Video) - https://bitbucket.org/asimovrobotics/hamer/downloads/HAMER-V1.0_001.avi


  • lentin joseph
  • jishnu p
  • Unais T
  • Ravi Kumar Venkat
  • Vipin Kuttappan
  • Sreevishnu S
  • Jayakrishnan T