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2014 Challenge

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    Challenge Description

    Develop a game to travel across the solar system going from asteroid to asteroid. The strategy is to decide which asteroid to visit and mine next, given a field of asteroids that vary in location, composition, size, and more. A major part of this challenge is learning over the course of the International Space Apps Weekend what the purpose and value of an asteroid resource utilization/industry could be and incorporating it into the game.


    Asteroids in our solar system contain valuable resources. They also contain resources that offer potential value to humanity. They may be valuable to the global economy as Earth’s finite resources begin to dwindle. Future space exploration might use these in-space resources for radiation shielding, life support, growing food, 3D printing spare parts, etc. By using resources found at or on the way to a destination, the vehicle doesn’t bring everything that will be used during the entire mission from Earth. This reduces the amount of mass, space, and cost in launching and transporting those resources from Earth.

    Asteroids may be useful for the operation of commercial ventures in space (metals, minerals, and volatiles), such as tourism (hotels or tours), energy production (like beaming solar energy to Earth), manufacturing of consumer goods, building communication relay platforms, supporting mining operations, etc. The resources from asteroids may be used in place, transported through space to support activities elsewhere, or returned to Earth. Asteroids in near cycler obits could potentially provide a “space taxi” approach to moving between two planets (i.e. Earth and Mars).

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways for you to frame this solution:

    The game could be as simple or as complex as the developers wish and have time to develop. More complex is not always better. The following are ideas that could be incorporated into the game at the developer’s choice:

    Start location options: the Earth, the Moon, Mars, inside the Asteroid Belt, etc.

    Objective Options: 1) to travel furthest from the starting point, 2) to travel around the Sun within the Asteroid Belt, 3) to get back to Earth from another planet/place, 4) to reach a habitat on Mars or Titan, 5) to gather the most valuable collection of resources, 6) to save the Earth from an impending giant impact, 7) to supply an industry that terraforms Mars, 8) to explore the solar system and beyond.

    Asteroid field options: constant each time the game is played; varied each time the game is played; changes as game passes and bodies move around the sun, etc.

    Mission type options: human; robotic; both.

    Starting capital and material options: user is given a standard or randomly selected set of equipment (like mining equipment) and other resources are made available; the user buys a selection of these with a limited amount of startup cash

    Vehicle design options: user is given a set vehicles or can choose between vehicles that vary in propulsion system, resource storage capability, mass, etc.; users can buy or manufacture mining equipment, factory equipment, etc.

    Mining: user can mine metals for manufacturing new equipment, volatiles like ice for life support or to make rocket propellants, soil to extract oxygen from the minerals for life support, etc.

    Manufacturing: user can make propellants from water or other volatiles, refine metals from minerals to manufacture equipment, print solar cells from regolith (soil) for energy, 3D print metals and plastics and electronics, etc.

    Expending resources: propulsion, transportation of resources the to Earth or elsewhere for sale, used in extra-terrestrial industry, life support, maintaining ship, etc.

    None of the options above are required; they are listed as a start for considering approaches to development. It is not an all-inclusive list; there are many ways to set up an asteroid prospecting game.

    Additional variations could include:

    Survival option: use the resources to survive and make it to the destination.

    Planetary Defense option: if an asteroid is potentially hazardous, receive extra points or payment from the people of Earth for pushing the asteroid into a safe orbit. Possibilities include: 1) if a big asteroid hits Earth, the game is over, 2) if a small asteroid hits Earth, the user is penalized, 3) the user must decide how to push each asteroid (kinetic impact, gravity tractor, nuclear explosion, etc), 4) if choose a nuclear explosion on the asteroid, it is then unavailable for mining due to radiation, 5) if choose to mine the asteroid, there is a risk of it hitting Earth

    Space Tourism option: build outposts and hotels on the asteroids or planets; set up a transportation system with refueling stations to take people there

    Exploration option: visit destinations of interest and make discoveries along the way.

    Be creative and have fun with the game!

    Sample resources

    Asteroid databases, infographics, and data visualization libraries

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Belt It Out

      ##Teachables We wanted to make a project that could easily be used in a class room or at home to teach children 8+ about mining asteroids for resources and using those resources to further exploration or sent back to Earth for use here. We used the 3-different classes of asteroids to distribute... Visit Project

    • Asteroid Prospector Exeter

      [Video also on YouTube]( ![Screenshot]( ### **The Game** Asteroid Prospector is a 2d browser-based game about mining asteroids. You must control your mining craft by changing t... Visit Project

    • Profit One Trillion

      # Intro: (slightly over the top :-) Humanity has the incredible mission to detach itself from this cosy Earth and start fearlessly endeavouring the final frontier and thoroughly investigate real deep space. To engage in this immense journey you have to make the first important but at the same t... Visit Project

    • Age of Asteroids

      **UNABLE TO COMPLETE PRESENTABLE CODE IN TIME. THERE IS NOTHING TO JUDGE -- I APOLOGIZE ** This project intends to make a game in the style of Age of Empires, where the player places buildings and other structures to create and upgrade an initial space center, eventually creating new space ce... Visit Project

    • Asteroid M

      This is a tycoon-style strategy game where a player discovers, research and mines various asteroids, bringing the resources back to earth and using the profits to upgrade the infrastructure in his or her corporation (e.g. increasing the load their spaceships can carry in one round trip and so on,... Visit Project

    • Dioresta

      Asteroid mining game! Visit Project

    • Asteroid Prospector

      A simple and funny game about traveling around Solar system and mining mineral from asteroids. Visit Project

    • Pokemon Defense: Return To The Earth

      This is a Pokemon game and information about the planets in our solar system. Set in the future solar system destroyed, and people must live outside the Pokemon universe. People decide to go back to recover the solar system, by the same pokemon go for the restoration of the earth element as wel... Visit Project

    • MineTeroid

      Our project goal is to allow people to learn the composition of asteroids and planets in our Solar System. You will be able to select a planet or an asteroid to know its composition, size, location and other information. Visit Project

    • Minería espacial

      The project aims to show the importance of the asteroid mining, and the improvement of the space technology to guarantee the survival of the human race. In the video game we'll show this importance by getting special resources from some asteroids and parry the dangerous ones that can endanger ou... Visit Project

    • Asteroid Quest

    • Asteroid Defense

      The main goal of this application is to increase engagement with the public, particularly youth, with regards to the untapped potential of asteroids as a resource, as well as bringing awareness to the slight possibility of danger that could result from asteroids colliding with earth. It also demo... Visit Project

    • Rocks! Lasers! Profit!

      Rock! Lasers! Profit! is an educational game, designed to help both kids and adults learn about asteroids, their different types and their mineral compositions. The goal of the game is to collect as many resources as possible before fuel runs out. To do so, the gamer must strategically mine aster... Visit Project

    • Astero-Miners

      This game aims to achieve a better understanding of the intricacies of flying in space, the dangers of flying in an asteroid field, and the potential to mine asteroids. Visit Project

    • Asteroid Conquer

      The main goal in our project is to create interest and curiosity in futures entrepreneurs generations about this new field of mineral space research, offering information to all kind of public of different ages in a fun way, emphasizing the space exploration. The knowledge of the asteroids inform... Visit Project

    • Deep impact explorer

      Working on Visit Project

    • Asteroid Battlecruiser

      Our project has as principal aim to share knowledge about the Asteroid Belt, which is part of the Solar Sistem and it turns around the Sun, after Mars, therefore around the Earth. But, at any moment it could be dangerous if it diverts some asteroids towards the Earth. Actually exists some Spac... Visit Project

    • Conqueroid

      For this particular challenge, our primary goal was to make a turn based strategy game, in which we achieved great success. I believe that our solution can be used to develop new strategies to explore space, seek out new life and discover new potential colonies. Visit Project

    • After Dawn

      Goal In After Dawn, the objective is to reach Ceres and return to Earth with valuable information. There is an initial budget to this mission and the player starts with limited fuel. On the way to Ceres you stop by asteroids to fuel up and repair damages if any. On the asteroids there are two op... Visit Project

    • Station D1

      This project aims to increase interest about space to the average person by being a fun and unique asteroid-hopping exploration experience. Visit Project

    • Linger in the Void.

      In the future when there aren't anymore resources, humans have to survive searching for your supplies in another part... Outer Space. Collect spatial minerals and water. across the space in places like Mars, the Moon, and mainly in the ASTEROIDS. Keep going and linger in the void. Visit Project

    • Astedoid Mining

      We have to gather resources, because our planet needs minerals as: iron, lithium, magnesium, etc. Visit Project

    • Asteroid Invaders

      We are developing a multi platform application for education purpose and it will cover some of the areas of the space science. We focus on asteroids and their characteristic giving, in a game style, a necessary knowledge to understand in a better way, what they are and how they are composed. Visit Project

    • Asteroid Mining

      Our game it's about gather resources, because the earth needs minerals as: iron, magnesium, lithium, etc. Visit Project


      The story begins when a NASA Astronomer pronounces a critical emergency situation! A 20 kilometre wide asteroid has been detected in the deep space network. The trajectory of the asteroid is prospected to intercept with Planet Earth. A collisional impact would result in devastation for all l... Visit Project

    • RA2CE

      **************************************************************************************************************************************************** Asteroid Prospector / Description For PC, Mac and Linux Standalone Version 1.0 (Last Updated 13/04/2014) By RA²CE This file is Copyright (c... Visit Project

    • Genesis

      How about reading something [fun and short]( before starting on this complex paragraph? So let our ABIT team tell you a story, a story of our idea, The Idea for interplanetary expansion #The Idea# Human species are an ambi... Visit Project

    • Deep space explorer

      Game to travel across the solar system from asteroid to asteroid. The strategy is: - decide which asteroid to visit - mine - select another asteroid and start again We develop this game for a primary reason: change People’s ideas about Asteroids . We see Asteroids like resources and not only... Visit Project

    • Space Rocks!

      Space Rocks! was developed to teach players about the physical properties of asteroids as well as the technological steps necessary to exploit them. In the game, the player mines asteroids for in-game resources, which are used to research new technologies and infrastructure. The goal is that thro... Visit Project

    • mina

      MINA stands for Mining In Near Asteroids. We have decided to take a low tech approach to the challenge, so the game is a board game, playable with cards and tokens. As board game we can easily enter in the family environment. You can even play this game without electricity! We think this is... Visit Project

    • Asteroid Dash

      Asteroid Dash is a puzzle game that teaches players about the mineral composition of asteroids. Players learn about the intrinsic value of asteroids in an entertaining way by mining gold and copper for advanced electronics, ice for fuel, and rare metals like molybdenum for advanced alloys to repa... Visit Project

    • In The Black

      Challenge Rationale: *In The Black* addresses two key topics of asteroid mining for the Asteroid Prospector challenge -- exploration of the Asteroid Belt and the effects an influx of the rare materials may have on their value here on Earth. The game presents the players with various decisions ... Visit Project

    • MISIÓN TIERRA 2040

      Es un video juego estilo retro multiplataforma el cual se trata de recolectar minerales en los diferentes planetas ya que en la Tierra los minerales son muy escasos , la historia esta orientada en un futuro cercano (año 2040) que sucede cuando la Tierra esta completamente contaminada y con toda ... Visit Project

    • Solar System Miner

      The purpose of this game is to try to get people more interested in space and to let people learn more about mining asteroids. It is an interesting field with little popularity. It might help kids get interested in space, mining, and engineering disciplines/fields. The game is also purpose... Visit Project

    • Asteroid Protecter

      This game was meant to let people have fun, while learning about the solar system and the dangers as well. In the app you achieve this by shoot and destroy asteroid's as you explore the solar system. Visit Project

    • Asteroid Impact

      My app is a game that will show the different fields of space. You will save the world from asteroids, and mine for materials and fuel to buy power ups and other things. Avoid asteroids, collect powerups like guns an weaponry to shoot them. Visit Project

    • Asteroid Tycoon

      Asteroid Tycoon is meant to give players insight into both the obvious and subtle challenges involved in asteroid mining, and to highlight the importance of Space science and technology research and development. These objectives are supported by: - A game model that pust the player in control o... Visit Project

    • Explorer

      Explorer is a Side Scrolling Game, which contains a plot in which the Earth needs a few features not found here to remain stable. For this, the player will have to venture out to explore the vast Solar System in search of these resources extracted from Asteroids. Throughout the game, the pl... Visit Project

    • Asteriod Field Miner

      Still to come Visit Project

    • To Be Determined

      To Be Determined is a card game exploring the potentials of asteroid mining. You play as a space ship traveling through your solar systems asteroid belt, gathering resources your planet needs to survive. The game mechanics based on the popular card game Munchkins. Visit Project

    • Orion 13 Asteroid Prospector

      This asteroid game educates users about resources available to us outside of planet Earth. This is an opportunity to explore and learn about the composition of asteroids and use that information to our benefit, so we are not using up Earth’s resources. Throughout the game, the player is informe... Visit Project

    • Minerland Extractor

      We want to take boring numbers, letters and information about asteroids and make it fun, we want to make people (especially children) see and pay not only attention but also interest on asteroids, and we know that the best way to achieve it could be a "GAME". That is how we started our project... Visit Project

    • Cosmosium

      Cosmosium ========= The [Reddit/r/Simulate]( team's SpaceApp! Live out the most pivotal century in mankind's history, as - for the first time in history - we begin to mold the cosmos around us. From our first baby steps out of the atmosphere and onward to ... Visit Project

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