This game's purpose is to promote the education of space mining, space, and solar systems. The goal of the game is to mine asteroids for their respective resources in order to survive in space as the ship is tunneling through space as long as possible. The ship will pass by planets at their respective locations accordingly to where they have flown through space. I.E. you will be able to see mars when you are near it's respective location, which is 360million kilometers from earth.

This project is solving the Asteroid Prospector challenge.


The purpose of this game is to try to get people more interested in space and to let people learn more about mining asteroids.

It is an interesting field with little popularity. It might help kids get interested in space, mining, and engineering disciplines/fields.

The game is also purposed around surviving as long as you can, by mining asteroids for resources to survive. As you survive longer, you will travel further into space, and see the respective planets in our solar system at the respective distances.

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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Asteroids-Java-Clone -


  • Frank Hu
  • Juweek Adolphe
  • Alezzandro Crow