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    Challenge Description

    Although a typical clear night sky may seem relaxing, in reality it is always restless. Various phenomena are taking place unexpectedly around the clock in every part of the sky. News and information on these cosmic surprises are not announced in one place.

    Your challenge is to create a central place for information and visualizations of these sky phenomena. Brainstorm ways to follow the event in real time from the ground (keeping in mind that an event’s visibility could change depending on local weather and time of day). Once the event is announced, how does the news spread around the world? How can we make these astrophysical trends and events more visible?


    Participants need to be able to build a website, displaying information about the event, and the weather, and know how to fetch information from other websites containing that info.

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways for you to frame this solution:

    1. Create a central place for information and visualizations of sky phenomena

    2. Build an easy accessible and attractive website that displays information about a sky event, and include data about items like the weather and the methods for retrieving related information

    3. Provide a subscription and notification capability to inform interested parties of sky events.

    Sample Resources

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Sky Watchers

      BACKGROUND Taivaanvahti is a database for gathering amateurs’ observations of astronomical and atmospherical phenomena. It combines Finnish observations of storms, northern lights, galaxies, fireballs, halos, comets and planets under one single website available for everyone interested in spac... Visit Project

    • Central Working

      Coming soon Visit Project




      my project is to explore and know about the sky more. the program will be set in system with animated general sky picture. any abnormalities in the sky like lightning , sound reflection and vibratory modes will be sent signal from the system to nasa website which should be kept 24 hrs. open . ... Visit Project

    • Glasgow Alert

      A project to solve the Alert-Alert challenge at Space Apps Glasgow. This will also hopefully interface and provide information from someone building a PoC solution to the Asteroid Watchers challenge also being tackled in Glasgow. This will be a web app which will all for access from a varie... Visit Project

    • SSS: Space-Sky's Sentinel

      SSS is an idea solution designed to provide in one place all the information produced about phenomena and events in the sky. Among the advantages of this project are: A centralized data center of events in the sky based on object type VOEvent A look at the location of the event and climatic... Visit Project

    • Trela

      A website / app aiming to centralize alerts and prevision about sky event to resolve the Alert-Alert challenge. Events will be a mix of prediction (satellites pass, comets, auroras ...) and user generated content for unprevisible events. Data will be correlated with weather predictions to prod... Visit Project

    • skynow

      # sky now # A one stop shop for anybody interested in viewing sky events and phenomena happening anywhere in the world - and the viewing conditions associates with them ## tech ## Built on node.js Visit Project

    • Phenomenation on PiMios

      Our goal is to aggregate as much relevant information as possible surrounding a space event of interest. The application needs to be able to filter out irrelevant information and display only data of interest (e.g. A project involving Mars observations will not include information regarding Bruno... Visit Project

    • NowSky

      # NOWSKY A one-stop shop for on-demand sky event visualization complete wiith their locations and associated viewing/weather conditions. []( "NowSky") ## TECH built on node.js ### WHAT WE NEED Somebody who is an expert/has the know how ... Visit Project

    • space event

      our project aims to display the sky phenomena that we extract from other web site.Every time that an event occurs it will appear like a notification for people who decided to register on our website.More over we will include the weather Visit Project

    • Sky Phases

      The application contais the next functionalities: 1-Get the phases moon an show what phase is the actuality. 2-Whit the phases of moon, calculate the sky phenomens 3-Details of Events and Alert all users. Visit Project

    • LOOK APP

      ---- _Will your location be threatened by a meteor shower in the next twenty minutes? Don't worry! Look App will warn you in time to find out a safe shelter. Do you want to be updated on the visibility of the ISS in your city? Look App will send you a notification in time to take a glance at th... Visit Project

    • What's Up?

      Overview 'What's up' is a website which allows users to subscribe to daily updates and watch live feeds about various night sky events visible to the naked eye. However, there's more to it. We believe that science and astronomy is not for a select few but for everybody. Hence, our mission is t... Visit Project

    • Sky Watch

      Using data created by observatories called VOEvents, we will make available all of the data necessary for the average user to get a picture of what is happening in the night sky at any given moment. We will be able to tell you what observatory observed each event, what the event is, and even wher... Visit Project

    • Space Bottle

    • SkyWatch

      SkyWatch is a visual representation of data produced by observatories on and around the world. When transient phenomena are discovered by one of these telescopes, raw telemetric data about the event is quickly sent and collected by the NASA Gamma-ray Coordinates Network (GCN). In real-time, GCN c... Visit Project

    • Sky Threat

      The project aim is to provide a simple web based solution which is easily accessible by ordinary people to identify sky threats and different weather phenomena s Visit Project

    • Shuttle Cab

      Today tecnology advances and improves every day, how many people have the oportunity to view the most espectacular pictures of the universe? The objetive of Shuttle Cab is to show and teach everyone arround the world about the phenomena that is happening in te universe every day. Shuttle C... Visit Project

    • Challenge-Challenge!

      Do not create a website. Do not make it slow. Do not make it pretty. Make it work. Make it fast. Make it 21st century. Visit Project

    • Cosmos Explorer

      Cosmos Explorer is an App for users to view the Space events. Has a central place for information and visualizations of sky phenomena Displays events in a timeline view with details for the users Generates alerts for the user on upcoming events Also shows the events which happened on that dat... Visit Project

    • Space411

      Our project is an app that provides information about current events in space and NASA. it is comprised of a web app (see project link) and an android app (coming soon to the google play store). These will provide the user with news about space, feature astronauts and their inspiring tales throug... Visit Project

    • Ripple

      When you take a photo of an astronomical event with Ripple, everybody around you is invited to also take a photo. A thumbnail of the original image is displayed so that the user knows what they are looking for. If they can also see the event, they take their own photo and everybody around them is... Visit Project

    • Sat Alert

      We used the [Pebble Javascript SDK](, [satellite-js](, [SunCalc](, and [NORAD TLE satellite data]( to find where the... Visit Project

    • Astro Tweet Bot

      We have built an api that requests data from a variety of sources to report on astronomical and satellite sightings given latitude and longitude. Users are able to interact with the api via twitter by tweeting @astro_tweet_bot with geolocation on. To request astronomical events tweet: @astro_t... Visit Project

    • Lunar Pulse

      In the moon, there are earthquake, deep moonquake, shallow moonquake, moonquake caused by the impact of an impact, and so on. Many kind of earthquake occur in the moon. However, they are very small because they occur one hundred times as depths as and earthquake size one hundred thousandth as lar... Visit Project

    • Apollon's Eye - 21st century's space disaster prevention platform

      [Video] <> [Project purpose] Simplify the visualization of the solar wind; which is unseen to the naked eye, and make if possible to every one, young and old to see it clearly. [Method] Positioned exactly between the Sun and Earth, The satellite ACE receive... Visit Project

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