Our app is a web based server that collects information from various credible sources relating to space and space exploration. the web app would provide a news feed to update visitors on the interesting topics. The web app would allow astronauts in space to post pictures from space and tell stories of their experiences on the site. This would provide a unique opportunity for ordinary people to share in this amazing human accomplishment of conquering android application would also be built to make this easier.

This project is solving the Alert-Alert! challenge.


Our project is an app that provides information about current events in space and NASA. it is comprised of a web app (see project link) and an android app (coming soon to the google play store). These will provide the user with news about space, feature astronauts and their inspiring tales through images and stories. The app will also provide a platform for the user to ask a question to an astronaut or post a comment to a story featured on the site. We also plan to integrate social networks such as facebook and twitter to bring the astronauts closer to the user. The astronauts would also be able to log into the site and update information about themselves and build a fan base.

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License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"

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  • Njiiri John
  • Edward Ngugi
  • Esther Monchari
  • Resla Auma
  • Dorcas Owino
  • samson mbuthia