This project is solving the Alert-Alert! challenge.

In the moon, there are earthquake, deep moonquake, shallow moonquake, moonquake caused by the impact of an impact, and so on. Many kind of earthquake occur in the moon. However, they are very small because they occur one hundred times as depths as and earthquake size one hundred thousandth as large as in the earth. Therefore, it is difficult to represent moonquake by anyway. We could give expression with visualisation, light from Philips hue, and stereophonic effect from loudspeaker to moonquakes. This technology will be thought of as visualisation of a landing point where does not occur moonquakes for locket ship.

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  • Hiroaki Enomoto
  • noguchi hiroshi
  • Hayato Tan
  • Tsukasa Arima
  • Susumu Ito
  • Yuki Akamatsu
  • Riho Ito
  • Ayaka Fujiwara
  • Ryohei Suda