Creating a visual data tool to map celestial activity. Taking data recorded by observatories on celestial events and transferring this data to a visual base that anybody can use. The goal is to make real time interstellar activity readily available. Extras will include technical data and an updated Twitter hashtag.

This project is solving the Alert-Alert! challenge.


Using data created by observatories called VOEvents, we will make available all of the data necessary for the average user to get a picture of what is happening in the night sky at any given moment. We will be able to tell you what observatory observed each event, what the event is, and even where to point your telescope to look for yourself. For users who don't have a telescope, we are using the Google maps API to plot the event in Google Sky as well as the locations of the observatories releasing VOEvents on a map all in real time.

There will be a live, filterable feed on the right hand side of the screen that you can use to browse recent events, and you can subscribe to this feed via email or by checking out the hashtag #skywatch which we will update in real time using the Twitter API.

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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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