We have designed the dome for a telescope that is able to overcome negative factors affecting the instrument itself, since the structure and type of suitable material we ensure proper and efficient response of the telescope. The detection of an asteroid requires high accuracy so the environmental conditions such as rain, wind and vibrations have been offset appropriating the conditions of the dome so that it is able to hold the telescope in a fixed position and satisfy the observation.

This project is solving the Asteroid Watchers challenge.


To protect the telescope structure , aluminum sheets are used in a triangular shape . All these , form a convex polyhedron suitable for the wind to be deflected so that it does not collide directly to the dome. Our proposal to beat the heat and regulate the temperature inside and outside the dome is to coat the outside with a layer of white paint above this heat reflective paint will be applied. The heat reflective paint can reflect ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun , out of the dome effectively decreasing the temperature within the same because it contains tiny glass spheres . This painting is resistant to mold , waterproof and durable for up to 12 years. In the inner part we use GAINA , this is a thermal insulator , which has a total impermeability respectful with the environment. The dome withstand moisture and maintain an optimum temperature Also diminish the amount of water using a wind type dehumidifier DH 721 . An important variable when choosing the type of dehumidifier was the ability of each. We perform the calculation of the volume of the dome and this 37 m ^ 3 and to evaluate the most appropriate was the DH 721 as this system has a high performance and low power consumption has an automatic system that reacts to moisture. It is also one of the most economical , quick and easy operation. In places where this type of dehumidifier provides is the MASTER CLIMATE SOLUTIONS facilities in Russia , China , Europe and Italy.

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  • Ricardo Araúz
  • Gissela González
  • Cristina Gutierrez