SELF-SUSTAINABLE ACCORDION SYSTEM HARDWARE ANGELIS QUIROS JONATHAN RUIZ ARCENIO MARTÍNEZ VÍCTOR VALDÉS RAFAEL RODRÍGUEZ SELF-SUSTAINABLE DESIGN FOR TRACKING CENTER ASTEROID OBSERVATION AND DOME. The project aims to solve the problem that causes the action of X Forces on centers spatial observation containing instruments delicate precision, in this case telescopes like Hardware (for him asteroid tracking potentially harmful) to be located within a geodesic structure each structure that will be built on top of these installations. Among variables to consider in the design are: wind intensity, artificial light, earthquakes, ground vibrations and sound waves produced by human action. SOLUTIONES Ground Vibrations: Our solution for ground vibrations is derived from the study of existing local structures, the goal is to design a house, so we manage it to make more rigid its position of the telescope, so we decided to make a structure for fully isolated telescope building containing it, avoiding contact from the ground with the application of 4 concrete brackets with some inclination; in this way we achieve greater rigidity for the column which containing the weight of the telescope, plus the building structure surrounding it decreases the magnitude of a seismic movement providing better efficiency and safety. CONCRETE BASE SYSTEM Wind intensity: For astronomers wind has become a great enemy because this tends to cause vibration of the telescope directly distorting the images in a timespan. To fix it we have designed a double layer structure, the first exterior is shaped accordion with a special material (polypropylene), besides that this is recyclable and there is also economic begin to see the profitability of this dome. Accordion system consists of a cylindrical hole from the top to the telescope, the accordion part is flexible, limiting exposition telescope and wind. To remove much of the contact we decrease the probability that vibrations occur because of the wind. Moreover we have designed a fortress cap or coat the base and lower structure of the dome, this is so warped reducing wind load in bulk and diverting it in different directions that do not harm the building to be aerodynamic. Light Regulation: To address the problem of light the double layer gives us less penetration of light in the telescope lens it diminishes the concept that light entered only if the light rays are in the same direction of the lens. Besides that, the inside of a dome is black for light absorption effects and the second layer provides greater darkness. DOME DOME’S BUILDING EXAMPLE DESING OUTDOOR DOME Mattew Malone is the Recover Shelter designer, a 100 % recyclable shelter made by polypropylene structured for emergency and disasters, although its easy transport and assembly make a useful shelter for areas like sports and risky travels. It could be installed even by one person depending on the dimensions, and given its structure like accordion could be installed in different ways to satisfy the needs of the moment. The ridges of the structure can be used to collect rainwater (because the material is non-toxic), and the cover can be covered with other local materials to make it stronger and protect it from the sun, as branches or gravel. What we do not know is if it's just an idea or already exists production, sale thereof, or its price. But certainly it is not too expensive or too heavy to carry. INTERNAL DOME A device for a fanfold tarpaulin a transport vehicle, comprising a plurality of ribs (13, 14 ) with one end ( 15, 16 ) hinged to a carriage ( 3) which slides on the upper part of a longitudinal beam ( 9) forming part of the support structure of said device, the other ends being connected ( 17, 18 ) of the rods ( 13, 14 ) together by a connecting element ( 19 ) characterized in that said connecting element ( 19 ) comprises a rigid elongated body ( 31 ) having a first and a second longitudinal grooves ( 32, 33 ) in which the ends ( 20, 21 ) of the first and second rod (13 , 14 ) slide respectively , and an elastic pad ( 35 ) fixed to the bottom of the rigid body ( 31 ) and suitable for resting on the top of the longitudinal beam (9 ) when the support member comprises fanfold rods ( 13, 14 ) and the connecting element ( 19) is completely open . OVERALL ANALYSIS The problem to be solved is together so, we have designed structures based on our limits and designs colleagues to make a reality the asteroid watcher. We designed domes that can accommodate telescopes tendered by maritime engineers and logistics team. In addition to an easy mechanical handling than an inconvenient programming interface and the network, having a center of computerized controls and control (robotics) proved necessary force for the change of direction of the outer layer would be small . If we note the fact that the population variable directly affects the location of the dome as where there is greater population, greater terrestrial vibration occurs due to passing vehicles, the city lights affect night vision. With this we must consider another variable energy, because if it is better to place a dome on a remote place, there will needed energy, so we proposed placing receiver’s sunlight (panels) to convert it into electrical energy. Also in this way, we can deal with any damage to the stream, and cover the missing energy. Bibliography • Estructura de Acordeon

This project is solving the Asteroid Watchers challenge.


Among variables to consider in the design are: wind intensity, artificial light, earthquakes, ground vibrations and sound waves produced by human action.

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