Our project is building is a dome having a good base for best performance of the telescope and contains a split into two parts, where part hatch (bottom) was much smaller than the upper; and we include some aluminum foil (subject to the base where the dome is placed), which move according to the rotation of the telescope, to try to prevent the wind affects the quality of the images that will be captured by the telescope.

This project is solving the Asteroid Watchers challenge.


Our project is about how we can reduce the impact of wind and vibrations on the telescope placed in a dome. Among our ideas we would make it through a system of aluminum sheets that would be around near the base of the dome, while the vibrations would achieve a spherical counter placing concrete barrier around the center of observation.

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License: MIT license (MIT)


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  • Irina  Del Rosario
  • valery  Oses
  • Angela Fernandez