Space Adventure: From the Earth To the Limits of the Solar System

2014 Challenge

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    Data Visualization

    Develop an application that displays the positions of missions currently in space. These would include projects orbiting the Earth, like INTEGRAL, XMM, Envisat, and International Space Station. They could also include missions around other planets (Mars Express, Venus Express), missions observing the Sun, like SOHO, missions travelling to asteroids, like Rosetta, or further away from the solar system, like Voyager. Missions still on orbit but non-operational can be included for completeness.

    Currently some programs allow you to monitor which spacecraft is flying over your location at any given moment, but nothing provides a view from the outside: a picture of Earth and all of the planets in the solar system with our spacecrafts interspersed throughout.

    A basic approach would result in developing an application that would compute the positions of these spacecraft on a given moment of time, and build a zoomable image displaying them. An advanced result would consist on building an application to generate an animation showing the evolution of orbits of these spacecraft on a selected lapse of time. This project could include information on missions from the various space agencies, European Space Agency, Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, and NASA, to name a few.


    Some knowledge of astronomy and orbit calculations would be helpful to programmers. Information on spacecraft orbit is necessary. Sources for all information is publically available.

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways for you to frame this solution:

    Consider developing an application that allows the user to query the positions of a range of spacecraft on a given moment of time, and build a zoomable image displaying their orbits and positions at the requested time;

    An advanced result may consist of building an animation showing the orbits of these spacecraft on a selected lapse of time; and/or

    Any intermediate approach between these two options could be possible as well.

    Sample Resources

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Space Travel Map

      Imagine a time when everyone can travel the solar system... Which planet do you go? Where do you go on the planet? A smart grass and "Personal Cosmos" will help you. You take a smart grass and setup "Personal Cosmos". Personal Cosmos displays surface of any planet. You see Personal Cosmo... Visit Project

    • +Real Mission

      My idea here is trying to create today a google glass and android app that will first give the position and give the information about space mission. I am computer science engineer and also an Msc. in Artificial Intelligence. I worked a lot with virtual world, augmented reality, and Multi Agents ... Visit Project

    • Lunar SpacePort

      The project lunar spaceport is about colonizing the moon. Combining all technologies and projects it is possible to build a SpacePort on the moon. The existing of the facility wil be sustained by tourism. We predict to build several sectors in the facility including observation deck. There will b... Visit Project

    • Where is Rosetta?

      The idea is to visualise the location of the international Rosetta mission with Qt Data visualisation toolkit. If there is time, additional items such as velocity or attitude might be visualised as well. Please feel free to join and contribute if you know about Qt or C++. This hack is based in Fi... Visit Project

    • 3D Mission Map

      The goal of the project is to create a 3D map of the solar system with the positions of NASA missions shown relative to the planets they are associated with. Data on the positions of these missions (the ISS, Curiousity, etc) will be constantly fed into an XML file from an automatic process that c... Visit Project

    • Space Mission Visualizer

      The goal of this project is to create a website that displays a 3D map of man-made objects in orbit around the earth at a given point in time. To master the large amount of objects in orbit filtering by time of launch and categories as well as color coding can be applied. Additional Information o... Visit Project

    • Ecumene

      Look at solar system at proper scale - from Sun to Pluto. See, where human created spacecraft are located right now, and where are they destined to. Our application gives information about science missions (cost, date of launch, trajectory and target point) in clear way. So, even non-specialists... Visit Project

    • Mars Watch

      For a proof of concept for the whole solar system tracking system for space craft, we will start with just the craft in the area of Mars. The concept is, we could have a large scale map of the entire solar system that gave a general location where space craft are currently, with the furthest ... Visit Project

    • Electronic waste space adventure

      comming soon Visit Project

    • SpaceTime Adventures

      Build an Android app that shows the missions in the Solar System. For each of the missions, it will show the path it has taken since its launch and the expected path. The app will show fun facts about each mission. (Description unfinished) Visit Project

    • Geometry of Inflationary Universes

      The suggested geometry, gave answer to the question of professor Hawking about the impossibility to introduce a negative axisymmetric curvature in to a flat surface From the top to the bottom, left to right: Geometry of Inflationary Universes 1. Label 2. Conceptual draw about the vor... Visit Project

    • beyond the solar system

      The goal is to show a story about space growth by visualizing current space activity. Visit Project

    • Code Junckies Shuttle Objects-Advisor

      There are 4 stages of this project: 1- GUI (user interface) which helps the user to navigate of available list of shuttles to locate near objects. 2- The GUI also includes an animation part of the GUI where earth, satellites and shuttles are simulated in real time. 3- Orbits equations t... Visit Project

    • 3D Milky Way

      ##Roar ##Coming Soon Visit Project

    • Space Mission Locator

      This project is Called Space Mission Locator. With this project you can visualize where are localizated every space mission in progress between the sun and mars. Space Mission Locater is the name than we decided to give to our aplication, it has the mission of show you the localization of the act... Visit Project

    • Mission Watch

      It can be daunting for someone who is mildly curious to discover space missions. Our project aims to provide easy, low-hanging fruit to those curious minds by creating a webapp with a simple and fun UI that helps newcomers find basic yet interesting information about active and past space mission... Visit Project

    • A new method to determine the motor vehicle dynamics

      Targets : 1 /Reduction of fuel consumtion of all motor -guided vehicle / incl. electrical / 2/ Quick and most precise calculation / max 30 min./ of all parameters for the construction of a new engine/vehicle. 3/ Nature protection 4/ Less fuel pro... Visit Project

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