It's 10:00, do you know where your space craft are? A space ship is a terrible thing to lose. Don't let this happen to you. MarsWatch proposes to track all the space craft on or orbiting Mars, and show them on a nice visual website, as a proof of concept for being able to do the same thing for every space craft in the solar system.

This project is solving the Space Adventure: From the Earth To the Limits of the Solar System challenge.


For a proof of concept for the whole solar system tracking system for space craft, we will start with just the craft in the area of Mars.

The concept is, we could have a large scale map of the entire solar system that gave a general location where space craft are currently, with the furthest out being Voyagers.

A person could drill down, by clicking on a particular planet, moon, or area of space and see what space craft were in that particular area. We would also like to give a person the option to choose a time period, either in the past or future and determine where the space craft were at that time, or will be at that time.

Once a person has drilled down to a specific craft, like Curiosity for instance, you could then click on it, and it would pop up a small window that would give you basic information and a website link for more detailed information.

We're prioritizing active space craft in our proof of concept, but the eventual idea would be to mark derelict crafts with a different color.

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