Senate Council building "Leventis", University of Cyprus
  • Hey Space Appers,

    if this video brings back great memories, then you can't miss Space Apps Nicosia 2014!

    Save the date! April 12-13, 2014. We will be joining over 100 cities around the world, to collaborate and solve challenges facing humanity -- both on and off Planet Earth.

    Space Apps Nicosia 2014 will be
    an open event organized by the community, for the community. We stay faithful to last year's goals:
    bring together people who are interested in space science, engineering, technology and art
    - promote
    - disseminate the mindset of
    Nevertheless, we now are ready to kick-start the national space exploration program and educate the next generation of researchers and space doers.

    All in all, we are trying hard to turn this
    hackathon into an unforgettable experience and help participants take the most out of it and come up with unique, innovative solutions.

    Hold on to your hats, it's going to be a long ride upwards!

    Ad astra

    Space Apps Nicosia 2014 is co-organized by a team of volunteers and NASA.
    The event is supported by Cyprus Space Exploration Organization, the Computer Science Club of University of Cyprus and the Department of Engineering and Technology of Cyprus University of Technology.

    Wings by Red Bull Energy Drink www. facebook. com/redbull
    Extra caffeine boost and hot beverages by Starbucks Cyprus.
    Vitamins and fresh fruits by Zittis Fruit Market.
    Water, refreshments and juice are a kind offer by Lanitis Bros - Coca Cola.
    The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre CIIM Entice offers a local price of 10 hours of consulting and mentoring.

    Can't wait till the weekend? There is a week full of space things to do!
    Cyprus Space Exploration organization is taking it a step further, organizing a series of events including space experiments at schools, Space Cinema Nights, night sky observations and even a public talk with the man who has spent most time in space! Check the full schedule here

    Join forces! Contribute to Space Apps Nicosia 2014
    Read more at the call for volunteers.

    Have the challenges been announced?
    Yes! This year's challenges are public in this website and you can start working on them. Remember, Space Apps is a lot more that a weekend hackathon,
    open up your idea, find people to work together and share your findings and hard work; this is the way to have a greater impact!

    Which challenges will we be working on in Nicosia?
    You can take over any challenge you want! Just post about it at our facebook group
    So far there has been expressed interested on:

    How can I find a team?
    When you arrive at your event, there will be a number of focus challenges, and teams will be created from participants interested in working on particular projects. Virtual participants will join an 'on boarding session' online during the weekend where they can find collaborators from local events or among other virtual participants.

    Which are the international criteria for judging a solution?
    Projects will be judged at the global level by a NASA panel in 5 categories: Best Use of Hardware, Best Use of Data, Most Inspiring, Galactic Impact, Best Mission Concept. A 6th award will be publicly determined in the People's Choice category.


    Space Apps Nicosia 2014 is organized by a byo-tiful team of volunteers, with a minimal budget.
    Please Bring Your Own equipment (laptops, electronic boards, multi-socket adapters etc). There will be some fruits and snacks, and a cafeteria next to the venue with student prices for meals.

    09:00    Registration
    09:45    Kickoff
    22:00    Telescope observation

    15:00    Submit proposals
    16:00    3min presentations + 2min questions
    18:00    Judging
    18:30    Announcing selected proposals
    19:00    Yuri's night party!



    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Galactic Impact

    Landslide Early Warning System

    Most Inspiring

    Leaf me alone - Android app

    People's choice

    I see more


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    Marios Isaakidis
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  • The following projects were worked on at Nicosia:

    • Leaf me alone - Android app

      Project Members from this location
      • Panayiotis Georgiou
      • George Trigeorgis

      As a researcher you want to examine the impact of the pollution by the ozone on the leaves. As a result of this need we decided to develop a novel solution to this problem.

      The solution we proposed is based on a smartphone solution (Android). The computational part is performed on a dif... Visit Project

    • Space Photos

      Project Members from this location
      • Dimos Homatas

      The infrastructure created is able to server not only pictures that are mined through the ISERV FTP Server, but any image that has Mercator coordinates tagged as well.

      The web service supports searches in order to get specific content, but consumers of the data can get a complete dump o... Visit Project

    • Tor/I2P nodes and FTP servers in deep space.

      Project Members from this location
      • Mark Shulman

      This project's aim is to make Internet in space faster and more accessible than ever. As FTP servers are easy to set up, I think it will be much more easier to transport data from space stations to Earth.

      Visit Project


      Project Members from this location
      • Nikolas Sepos
      • kostas tsangaridis
      • Demetris Zevlaris
      • Thrasos Neratzis
      • Giannis Hadjiefthyvoulou

      uses the tracks of Curiosity Rover 2012 to deploy a 14-meters long beam, which can be used for scanning or shallow digging, a large (relatively flat) surface area.

      Visit Project

    • testware

      Project Members from this location
      • Kyriakos Frangeskos
      • Stefanos Chrs
      • Constandinos Charalambous
      • Stelios Georgiou
      • Stelios Maimaris
      • nicos mouzouras

      Increase Public Awareness About Environmental Problems Get off the old fashion ways and make this a fun ride for everyone

      Visit Project

    • Landslide Early Warning System

      Project Members from this location
      • Marios Charalambous
      • Aris Theophilou
      • Antonios Papadopoulos
      • Kyriakos Arnaoutis
      • Panagiotis  Makris
      • Yiannis Kaoullas

      Landslides occur suddenly, and they usually result in extensive monetary, material, and social losses. They are caused due to the elevation of the water level in the ground, usually after a prolonged rainfall.

      In order to provide a solution to the problem, we developed an early warning ... Visit Project

    • ClimaWare

      Project Members from this location
      • Stefanos Chrs
      • Stelios Maimaris
      • Stefanos Chrs
      • Constandinos Charalambous
      • nicos mouzouras
      • Stelios Georgiou
      • Kyriakos Frangeskos

      Increase Public Awareness About Environmental Problems Get off the old fashion ways and make this a fun ride for everyone

      Visit Project

    • I see more

      Project Members from this location
      • George Christou
      • panagiota kyriakou
      • Andria Christodoulou

      The aim of the project is to extract valuable information form satellites using image processing techniques.

      Visit Project


      Project Members from this location
      • Chrysanthos Therapontos
      • Chrysanthos Therapontos

      The project concerns collection of space debris using a spacecraft powered by photovoltaic panels. The spacecraft drops a number of smaller soft spacecraft against the debris orbit. Their material used is similar to a spacesuit. The debris is attracted by charging it. A 3D piezoelectric net is... Visit Project