Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center
  • Join us in solving the International Space Apps Challenge. Your fellow participants will include professionals and students from a variety of backgrounds, with NASA engineers and scientists on hand as subject matter experts. Everyone who can be physically present at the site is welcome to register!

    • Optional bootcamp 1:30-5:00PM on Sunday, April 6 (Register on TrepHub's MeetUp)
    • Optional social 7:00-8:30PM on Friday, April 11 (Yuri's Night Party starting at 8:30PM)
    • Registration opens at 8:30AM on Saturday, April 12
    • Local Awards will be given at 4:00PM on Sunday, April 13

    NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) developed the three challenges listed below for Space Apps 2014. We will be solving them at our location. Participants can also choose to solve any of the other Space Apps challenges.

    Kennedy Space Center will invite KSC Space Apps Winners to LAUNCH VIEWING opportunity. One winning team will be from the KSC location and the other three winning teams will be globally judged among the solutions to KSC challenges. Submit via the same rules as global judging to be eligible (i.e. post a 30 second video by Sunday, April 20). More details on Tumblr.

    KSC hosted five separate Google Hangouts on Thursday, April 10 and Saturday, April 12. These Hangouts will each have a focus on one of the following: Asteroid Challenges, Space Wearables, Growing Food for a Martian Table, Asteroid Prospector, and all three KSC Challenges. For each Hangout, an expert or panel of experts from KSC and the space industry will be answering questions from Space Apps participants about that topic. We’ll even had an ASTRONAUT at the KSC Challenges Hangout

    Follow activity at the KSC location on Twitter with #SpaceApps #KSC and on Tumblr at

    There is an age minimum for this location: sixteen years old. All participants must be registered ahead of time and walk-ins will not be allowed. Emails with logistics information and a survey for all participants will come out prior to the event. Per the legal page, federal employees of NASA may not be part of project teams (i.e. may only function as subject matter experts supporting participants).

    Please contact the organizers at [email protected] if you have any questions. Anything absolutely vital will be sent out via email, but as the organizers think of relevant information/links, they'll update the Tumblr.

    The optional bootcamp on Sunday, April 6, will be at TrepHub. It is for anyone in the Central Florida area interested in Space Apps, regardless of where they'll be participating. Go to Tumblr post for more details and register on MeetUp. The optional social on Friday, April 11, will be at Cocoa Beach Brewing Company. Go to Tumblr post for more details.


    The following meals will be provided. You may bring your own food and/or purchase food from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex vendors for other meals/snacks or if you have any special dietary needs.


    If you have registered for this location, but will no longer be able to attend at our site in person, please either register for another site or as a virtual participant. We’re looking to have those registered at our site be only those who will be physically joining us that weekend. Switch your registration location (to virtual or another site).

    Though we hope you want to participate at least virtually (our subject matter experts will be reaching out to the global participants), if you decide you no longer want to participate in Space Apps at all, you can delete your registration


    Center for Space Education
    The Astronauts Memorial Foundation
    Located on the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex


    1. Follow the signs to Highway 405 East (Columbia Boulevard/NASA Causeway)
    2. On Highway 405 East, follow the signs directing you to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. You will pass the Astronaut Hall of Fame/Space Camp facility on your right just before entering the KSC property. Cross over the drawbridge and continue for about 5 miles. At the second traffic light on KSC property, make a right into the Visitor Complex.
    3. Proceed around the entire outside perimeter of the parking lot, following the signs to The Astronauts Memorial Foundation (AMF). The Center for Space Education (Bldg. M6-306) is the one story, gray building located to the left of the rocket garden. It sits off to the side, by itself.

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Best Use of Data

    A.R.M.S. (Astronaut Resource Managing System)

    Best Use of Hardware


    People's choice

    A.R.M.S. (Astronaut Resource Managing System)



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    Bldg. M6-306 Center for Space Education
    Kennedy Space Center, FL
    United States

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  • The following projects were worked on at Kennedy Space Center:

    • A.R.M.S. (Astronaut Resource Managing System)

      Project Members from this location
      • James Brucato
      • Sam Neblett
      • Roberto Ricci
      • Maxwell Ciotti


      The main goal of the project is providing astronauts with a multipurpose system that enables monitoring the exact amount of resources available through a unique hardware and software interface consisting of a Flexible OLED display integrated into the suit right ar... Visit Project

    • SpaceWear

      Project Members from this location
      • richard vazquez
      • Alejandro Velasco
      • Alejandro Velasco
      • Keith Hargett

      Wearable Hack for SpaceApps at Kennedy Space Center. Helmet with display, sensors, and LED systems that is able to receive and send data to a command center. Real time information of vital sign, alerts for potential hazardous events.

      Visit Project