Space Wearables: Fashion Designer to Astronauts

2014 Challenge

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    Challenge Description

    Space is no longer accomplished by the public sector space agencies. Now, commercial space companies have expanded the market for space technology. Your challenge is to design wearable clothing and accessories that could be useful for space travelers and/or the engineers and technicians involved with ground processing spacecraft and rockets. If possible, build a prototype(s) (hardware or software) during the 48-hour Space Apps marathon.

    Incorporate understanding of challenges of working in the hostile off-planet environment into your wearable space designs that can improve the quality and safety of our explorers.


    Wearables is a new emerging category of technology that allows a better integration of computers and the humans that use them. Wearables include things like (but are not limited to) fitness bands and augmented reality/display glasses. Astronauts on the International Space Station and on future human missions to other planets will be doing a lot of work that requires the use of both of their hands. They perform a multitude of tasks, from scientific experiments and facility maintenance to exercising and general living. Ground processing spacecraft and rockets for launch currently takes place over weeks to months. During this time, engineers and technicians are testing, fueling, integrating, monitoring and more the vehicle. This requires many of the ground processing people to be on the go and away from their computers, but needing to observe, record, and report information back on the vehicle status.

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways for you to frame this solution:

    Design the wearables with current and near term technology; and/or designate who the primary users will be and how the wearable will assist them in their mission.

    Sample Resources

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • TETRIS (Terran Expeditionary Technologically Radical Instrumental Suit)

      TETRIS (Terran Expeditionary Technologically Radical Instrumental Suit) is designing a suit, aimed for use by astronauts in space, which will make the astronaut's work easier and safer to perform. It achieves this by embedding many of the new technologies being released in the recent years into t... Visit Project

    • Che Det 2020

      What is the problem? According to Nik Moiseev, a Russian Cosmonaut whom involved in space suit designing for 26 years, there are some parts of astronaut space suit must be improved. He had highlighted some issues on youtube interview of The Next Generation Space Suit, such as the current space s... Visit Project

    • Exoskin - an open sourced space suit

      #Exoskin - an open sourced space suit ## What A spacesuit augmented by embedded electronics to extra vehicular activities (EVA) ## How Using arduino + sensors (and any other COTS wearable available), augment the space suit experience for easier movement, better health and safety. The con... Visit Project

    • LocalISSe

      localISSe is an Android app designed to astronauts of the ISS. It uses the new technology of iBeacons and allows you to take advantage of the information that it brings. With localISSe you can find and track every person in the Station Also, it tracks you too and displays app menus depen... Visit Project

    • IntegreX

      To make a technologically integrated system to allow users to monitor vitals oxygen other conditions and also feed live data, from stations. Visit Project

    • Pip-Boy 3000

      ###Problem Space is no longer accomplished by the public sector space agencies. Now, commercial space companies have expanded the market for space technology. Your challenge is to design wearable clothing and accessories that could be useful for space travelers and/or the engineers and technicia... Visit Project

    • M.A.D.- The Medical Administration Device

      -The primary aim of our project is to create a sterile, economical and risk-free method of administering various medications. The solution we have devised is relatively simple- a wearable wristband. This wristband would avail of all new and upcoming technologies such as Bluetooth Smart, micro-n... Visit Project

    • Modular Peripheral Platform

      The Modular Peripheral Platform ========================== The Modular Peripheral Platform project provides a platform in which modular wearable devices can connect via bluetooth to a central hub. The central hub is worn on the astronauts body, and is based on an android phone. The modular w... Visit Project

    • Senti8

      When asked what he missed the most while in space, astronaut Doug Wheelock said, "Believe it or not, just the smell of earth... you know soil". Research has shown that space travelers, as well as others traveling at high altitudes, actually experience diminished senses. The environment of a shi... Visit Project

    • AWP

      We made a few modifications to the already used space suit. One of the many modifications to the suit is the incorporation of cameras in the front and the back of the helmet. The overview of the back will help the space traveler be aware of his surroundings. The front camera will record what is h... Visit Project

    • A.R.M.S. (Astronaut Resource Managing System)

      GOALS & SCENARIO ---------------------- The main goal of the project is providing astronauts with a multipurpose system that enables monitoring the exact amount of resources available through a unique hardware and software interface consisting of a Flexible OLED display integrated into the su... Visit Project

    • SpaceWear

      Wearable Hack for SpaceApps at Kennedy Space Center. Helmet with display, sensors, and LED systems that is able to receive and send data to a command center. Real time information of vital sign, alerts for potential hazardous events. Visit Project

    • Aqui space Wear Our aim is to provide attractive space clothes integrating emerging technologies in order to improve safety, health in space and productivity. Our solution is based on 3 complementary elements for space activities in and out of a spaceship : ... Visit Project

    • CosmXCreative

      Our goal for the future is to be the pioneer in developing suitable products that will be adapted not only for travel, but for everyday life and work in the Space, therefore our major postulates on which we design our products are: -Sophistication; -Innovation; -Commodity; -User friendly e... Visit Project

    • Suit & Go!

      Our mission is to design a space suit based on the actual one. Our proposal solves a lot of problems related to everyday life of astronauts, EVAs, comfort and mobility. We've been thinking about a new conceptual and empirical interaction with near-space and terrestrial environment such to improve... Visit Project

    • in-mouth touchpad

      The project aims to develop new ways to input data and control software in an environment which makes traditional devices (keyboard, mouse, touch screen) difficult to use and for use cases where simple set of buttons / joystick does not give enough control and flexibility. My proposed device i... Visit Project

    • Integrexx

      Overview Create a wearable technology to monitor astronaut vitals. System features include heads up display electrochromatic glass for auto dimming. User defined warnings and settings. Blood pressure monitor Heart rate monitor distal temperature monitor core temp monitor AED integrate... Visit Project

    • Emotional Health Headset

      *****Project Overview***** "Emotional Health" (EH) is the result of an international collaborative effort amongst team members from Boston, Tokyo, and India. The system monitors a user's psychological well-being through facial analysis using a mounting system similar to that of Google Glass... Visit Project

    • ExtremeSpaceGear

      For the 48 hour challenge, the focus will be on improving the mobility of the astronaut's hands and fingers. This project improves on current spacesuit glove technology by designing a glove that allows improved mobility and comfort for the astronaut. This glove will protect against micrometeroids... Visit Project

    • Sentio - A Perceptive and Effective Spacesuit

      Our minds and bodies are sculpted specifically for the Earth environment. As we have expanded from the warmer climates to harsher weather, we have developed clothing and shelter as shields that separate us physically from those harsh environments as appropriate. We have expanded the shielding t... Visit Project

    • Alviss

      ![Alt text]( Our Mission ========= The mission of the website is to give space travelers a selection of widgets that can be used for viewing on their Pebble smart watch. Companion Website ============== Alviss will pull your inf... Visit Project

    • Wearable Environment Sensor for Astronauts

      # VIDEO If the video is not displayed above, you can watch our 30s video here: []( # OUR PROJECT We made a way to help astronauts detect dangerous chemicals while in space. After arriving in space, astrona... Visit Project

    • Cyclops

    • Fashion Star

      Conquistare lo spazio e gli alieni Visit Project

    • E.C.A.S.A Interactive Space Helmet

      The aim of our project is to develop a tool that can help the astronaut to achieve his tasks during space walks in a easier way. We chose spacewalks as our scenario because information and the correct tools are essential for a safe mission and these could be improved with already existing technol... Visit Project

    • vital socks

      This device tends to prevent thrombosis and provide therapeutic increase in blood circulation to the limbs and tissues while at the same time alerting the user of physiological changes. Visit Project

    • Aurora Wearables: Fashion meets Function

      AIM: to design clothing that is: - uniquely useful in its functionality for astronauts working on the ISS - has applications on Earth - looks super cool We are a team of technologists, artists, fashion designers and software developers designing and making a new outfit for British astronaut... Visit Project

    • Hibernation Wear for Human Stasis Habitats in Interplanetary Space Travel

      # Introduction There has been two main focal points within wearable technologies to provide form and function. Wearable technology is also associated with active wear by relying on human interaction such as mindfully controlling devices or for use within context of activities like sports. St... Visit Project

    • ss

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