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    If you have added yourself to the Space Apps London waiting list, please email either of the organisers (email addresses below) so we can add you to the list manually. The event is currently at full capacity, if you are no longer able to join us then please release your space as we have others who would like to attend. Thanks

    The International Space Apps Challenge returns to London in 2014!

    This year's event will take place at the Science Museum's Dana Centre.

    Like-minded scientists, programmers, engineers and designers from around the UK and across Europe will work across the weekend to find a solution for on one or more of the Space Apps challenges . Video links and social media will enable the teams to connect to other teams across the UK and the globe.

    We will be linking up with the other events taking place in the UK which include:

    For more information about our event take a look at our webpages.

    Provisional Agenda

    Saturday 12 April

    09:00 Registration

    10:00 Schedule and logistics announcements

    10:30 Challenge pitches

    11:00 Begin developing

    12:30 Lunch break

    13:30 Developing continues

    16:30 Optional progress briefing, more developing

    18:00 Dinner break

    20:00 More developing

    Sunday 13 April

    10:00 Logistics briefing & updates

    10:15 Begin developing

    12:00 Submission Deadline

    12:00 Lunch break

    13:30 Presentations

    15:00 Judges Voting

    15:30 Awards

    16:00 Close

    Directions for the Dana Centre can be found here

    Please note that unfortunately this year's event is for over 18s only.
    Participants are welcome to work throughout the night at the Dana Centre, however this is not compulsory. If participants are not staying overnight, alternative accommodation will need to be organised by the individual.

    If you are only able to attend for part of the weekend or have any questions related to the weekend, please let either of the organisers know via the email link below.

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Galactic Impact


    Best Use of Hardware

    Android Base Station

    People's choice

    Down to earth



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  • The following projects were worked on at London:

    • SkySnapper

      Project Members from this location
      • Finlay Edridge
      • James Shepherd
      • Ben Noble
      • George Buckingham
      • David Stanton

      Snap the skies clean with SkySnapper!

      The Problem

      The World Health Organisation estimates that 7 million deaths per year are linked to air pollution, one in every eight deaths globally. In China alone... Visit Project

    • Constelatio

      Project Members from this location
      • Freddie Barr-Smith
      • Matthieu Rigolot
      • Florian Rathgeber
      • Derek Jones
      • Leon Pegg
      • Elias Khoury

      Constelatio is a web application allowing users to share their most recent NEOs imagery, with observation data as well. Users will be able to upload and comment the images. We also provide a interactive orbital visualisation tool from asteroids' observation data fetched from our database.

      ... Visit Project

    • piSat

      Project Members from this location
      • Usama Saqib
      • Ben Oxley
      • Ben Oxley
      • Marcello Seri
      • Leonardo Maria Seri
      • Alessandro Seri
      • Adam Greig

      piSat aims to implement a raspberry pi cubesat design to downlink high quality astrophotography data above the atmosphere.

      The project will use a blade-rf for high bandwidth data transmission and will use start tracking to give orbital position information as part of the dataset.

      Visit Project

    • I'm Feeling

      Project Members from this location
      • Thomas Clarke
      • Kate Arkless Gray
      • Dimitris Kousoulidis
      • Matt Thorne
      • Maria Onoufriou

      PART 1 : Using emoticons to indicate general mood and well being and post status updates using well known and already used hash tags to social media.

      PART 2 : Visualisation app which acquires recent historic data for a particular mood and climate data for a location and plots the follow... Visit Project

    • Android Base Station

      Project Members from this location
      • Marcin Bujar
      • Alistair MacDonald
      • Anthony Thomas
      • Amish Ralhan
      • Jean RENE-CORA
      • Glen Searle

      Video version here:

      The opportunity:

      The cost of satellite bandwidth varies a lot depending on the connection. The easiest, most expensive and slowest is geo-stationary. These far out satellites need only a fixed dish, are expensive to... Visit Project

    • cloudfree

      Project Members from this location
      • Mihaela Rosca
      • Niklas Hambuechen

      NASA supplies sattelite photos (Visit Project

    • Down to earth

      Project Members from this location
      • Dionysia Mylonaki
      • Panagiotis Tigas

      Down to Earth! From space data to ground knowledge.


      From NASA’s plans for a manned mission to Mars to the meteor crash at central Russia in 2013, the necessity for space research is a topic that comes up quite often. However, for the majority of people this is s... Visit Project

    • SnapSpace

      Project Members from this location
      • Olivia Graham
      • William Selwood

      An journal for recording a space flight. Using wareable technologies to record personal stats and photographs through out the trip and provide a jounal at the end to help the astronaut and their friends look back on their trip.

      Visit Project


      Project Members from this location
      • sanjay bilakhia
      • Natasha Trotman

      Syndromes to be factored into the metadata analytics : Is it a bright sunny day? Are there high temperatures? April -September in the Northern Hemisphere? Is it a hot, dry year? Is there diminished visibility? Is there mountainous terrain? Is there r... Visit Project