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  • Friday night, 11 April, we'll be getting together for a pre-hackathon reception at the Maklab's new location from 6:30 - 10 in the evening.

    On Saturday morning, 12 April, head on over to the Livingston Building at the University of Strathclyde, and up to the 11th floor. We'll start with coffee, tea, a few lightning talks to get the creativity flowing, and then project pitches before we break into teams to get to work.

    Have an idea for a solution you'd like to pitch? Contact Lisha (link in the sidebar) and she'll give you a 5 minute slot to tell everyone what your idea is so you can recruit a team to work with you. 

    Bring your laptop and any of your own gear or components you need to work on your project. Maklab will bring some of their equipment to the Livingstone Building so you can 3D print parts and build out your awesome robot. If you need additional equipment or studio space for a hardware project, you can pick up a day pass and head over to the Maklab where no one will tell you that soldering is too dangerous for amateurs. 

    We'll serve lunch and dinner on Saturday. You can go home whenever you like, or stay in the space and work through the night with the help of a can of Nae Danger. Make sure you are there on Sunday morning, though, in time for more coffee, tea and project check ins.

    After lunch on Sunday, you'll have just a few short hours to finish your projects. We'll stop at 4:00pm for final project presentations. The judges will consult, and when they come out, awards will be given, good byes will be said, and then we start pining for next year's Space Apps Challenge!

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  • The following projects were worked on at Glasgow:

    • Glasgow Alert

      Project Members from this location
      • Robert Wilson
      • David Jones
      • Javier Herrera
      • Ross Penman

      A project to solve the Alert-Alert challenge at Space Apps Glasgow.

      This will also hopefully interface and provide information from someone building a PoC solution to the Asteroid Watchers challenge also being tackled in Glasgow.

      This will be a web app which will all for access f... Visit Project

    • EDEN: Extraterrestrial extenDable Environment for Nutrition

      Project Members from this location
      • Peter Kinnaird
      • Andrew Smillie
      • Jamie Stevenson

      We aim to capture the different mission parameters of this challenge by allowing the user to specify an greenhouse and simulate the effects of different environments.

      We hope to include lots of information about the science and technology aspects of the challenge and make the simulation... Visit Project

    • MartianNet

      Project Members from this location
      • Chris Gibb
      • Aziz Rasool
      • Josh Fraser
      • Richard Karus
      • Eimantas Peckys
      • Anderson de Franca Queiroz
      • Andrew Gill
      • Craig Hay


      Current attempts to communicate through the DTN bundle have been successful, yet, there has not been enough effort to create an application that will successfully enable humans on another planet to request information from websites on Earth. The project uses a combination of ... Visit Project

    • Polaris

      Project Members from this location
      • Robert Wilson
      • James Watt

      Our initial aim when attempting this project was to create a simple and relatively cheap kit for schools, colleges and home users to explore the skys in a new and interesting way. The prototype of this kit was constructed with a modified sponge missile launcher, a common webcam, a raspberry pi... Visit Project

    • Ripple

      Project Members from this location
      • Ross Penman

      When you take a photo of an astronomical event with Ripple, everybody around you is invited to also take a photo. A thumbnail of the original image is displayed so that the user knows what they are looking for. If they can also see the event, they take their own photo and everybody around them... Visit Project