• Join the Welcome to Space Apps event on Friday evening April 11, at 6.00pm.   Come on over to Dock - Pizza and Drinks available from 6.00pm and closing at 8.00pm!!!

    Welcome – choosing your challenge – forming teams – weekend prep.

    .Located immediately next to the National Space Centre off Abbey Lane, DOCK is Leicester’s new hub for high tech, low carbon and innovative businesses.  

    On Saturday morning, 12 April, head on over to Dock for a 9.30 start.   We'll begin with coffee, tea, a few lightning talks to get the creativity flowing, and then any project pitches before we break into teams to get to work. 

    Have an idea for a solution you'd like to pitch? Contact Allan (link in the sidebar) and he'll give you a 5 minute slot to tell everyone what your idea is so you can recruit a team to work with you. 

    Bring your laptop and any of your own gear or components you need to work on your project.  Free WIFI available...

    We'll serve lunch on Saturday and eventually wrap up the day at 4.30pm.  But don’t let that prevent you from getting together outside of Dock.   Make sure you are there on Sunday morning, though, in time for more coffee, tea and Lunch Baps. 

    After lunch on Sunday, you'll have just a couple of short hours to finish your projects. We'll stop at 3:00pm for final project presentations. The judges will consult, and when they come out, awards will be given, good byes will be said, and then we start pining for next year's Space Apps Challenge!



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  • The following projects were worked on at Leicester: