Our project is an initial design for a combination of space wears integrating last emerging wear technologies. Our design guidelines : - attractive design - a range of complementary solutions from inside to outside spaceship - with the latest promising wearable technologies

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Fashion Designer to Astronauts challenge.


Our aim is to provide attractive space clothes integrating emerging technologies in order to improve safety, health in space and productivity.

Our solution is based on 3 complementary elements for space activities in and out of a spaceship : - a skin suit - a space suit under which you can wear the skin suit - and a space helmet integrating Augmented Reality and Brain Computer Interface

Skin suit integrated technologies : - smart textile LED bands (Lylipad Arduino kit based) / allow other astronauts to visualise your mood (detected via space headset BCI) - peltier modules / improve energy autonomy - touchscreen internal forearm / touch interactivity for pleasure and good productivity - health and fitness monitoring with integrated Angel Sensors in a writsband

Space suit integrated technologies : - more fitted still comfortable - large field of view helmet - touchscreen external forearm - back led panel - red blinking lights on external base neck in case of emergency / allow other people around you to visualise immediately any problem - integrated rear cam / give you the possibility to visualise in your back through space glasses

Space Headset integrated technologies : - on board cameras : infrared and color - on board picoprojector (for projected augmented reality) - BCI : Brain Computer Interface (OpenBCI based) / execute commands through your mind, monitor your brain fitness - bone conduction Headset

Project Information

License: GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License version 2.1 (LGPL-2.1)

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Erogear LED panel -
OpenBCI computer interface -
Health data monitoring -
Small extra wear features management -
Smart Glasses with Augmented Reality -
Bone conduction headphones -
Aqui Space Wear Website -


  • franck bollenbach
  • Thomas AGARATE
  • Kevin Ayemperoumal
  • Romain Chambonnier
  • kevin taillandier
  • angelique Coubard
  • Frederic Coubard
  • Kevin Labat
  • Vincent CASTEVERT