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2014 Challenge

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    Data Visualization, Model

    What would it look like if you could pilot an orbiting satellite? Create a visualization tool so people have a view from a satellite as it moves in orbit or transfers orbits. You could see what an astronaut would see if she could hitch a ride on a satellite. The tool could show things like moon-hopping in the Jupiter system, landing on Mars, or landing on Rosetta as it orbits the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. You could even 'pilot' the probe to the comet surface. This tool could also be designed to generate a three dimensional view from the International Space Station Cupola with the Earth moving underneath.


    We know the location of satellites, planets, and other bodies in our solar system. You can use data about these orbits to create images that you would see if you were at the location of the satellite. The images could show a 360 degree view from the satellites.

    Up-to-date satellite tracking data is available for you to compute the current location of solar system objects and generate perspective images from the viewpoint of a particular satellite.

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways to frame this solution:

    Show the trajectory of satellites in real time;

    Show 3D views of planets (Earth, Mars) from the point of view of several satellites;

    Show 3D view of asteroids (when images are available); and/or

    Allow the user to adjust orbit or trajectory around bodies.

    Sample Resources

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Satillite Piloting System

      This project aims to create a intuitive layout to control satellites. What the end result should be like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sH5TkfOZ4I&feature=youtu.be Visit Project

    • Virtual Satellite Reality

      The aim of the project was to see how it would look like if we could Pilot an orbiting satellite and watch what a satellite could see. Our project intended to show different satellites and planets with respect to a specific selected satellite. You could visualize every detail of the earth as the ... Visit Project

    • Oculus Spectaculous

      An immersive application for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset that allows the user to pilot 1 of 4 satellites orbiting Earth, including the International Space Station. Users can switch between satellites at any point in their orbits, adjust orbiting speed, and take in the cinematic views ... Visit Project

    • Become an Astronaut in Virtual Reality with Oculus VR

      Hi All, We are ambitious and crazy team of X-TECH, We are participating in NASA’s Space Apps Challenge 2nd time. X-TECH TEAM for Space Apps Challenge We choose to solve challenge PILOT A SATELLITE. We choose to go to the SPACE VIRTUAL REALITY and in this decade and do the other things, n... Visit Project

    • Oculus Rift based Pilot a Satellite

      To be added Visit Project

    • Satellite Orbit and Attitude Simulator [SOAS]

      In our project we based the orbital mechanic concepts, especially on the Newton's law of universal gravitational to make visualization tool using matlab. the tool can simulate the satellite transfer orbit using finite thruster maneuvers. To have a view from a satellite as it moves in orbit or tra... Visit Project

    • tanit

      The project aims to make the user feel like he's currently in a satellite. He can control its environment via different controllers and explore his surroundings. Visit Project

    • Space Jaunt

      Space Jaunt is developing a multi-camera system that can generate large spherical imagery in any location so that anyone with a screen or an VR display can virtually "look around" in space. We intend to develop a system where a single large spherical image can be used to extract multiple camera v... Visit Project

    • SpaceOK Satellite Pilot

      The SpaceOK Satellite Pilot aims to create a visualization that anyone can view in any browser and any operating system. Written completely in JavaScript, it is easily extensibly and can be modified to navigate throughout the solar system. Visit Project

    • Equate

      Visualization tool that enables you to pilot a satellite adjust its trajectory and altitude. Dropbox source files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jzq7hc991ki8ch8/Pilot%20a%20Satellite.zip Web Build: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/139860380/Pilot%20a%20Satellite.html YouTube Video: https:... Visit Project

    • Orbital Academy

      Orbital Academy is an educational tool to help with learning orbital mechanics. When humanity goes to space "en masse", controlling spacecraft will become a required, common skill, much like driving a car is today. However, motion in orbit is not intuitive. Therefore, Orbital Academy uses a serie... Visit Project

    • A-ROV - Augmented Reality for Remotely Operated Vehicles

      The project hopes to produce a proof-of-concept for an AR system for remotely operated vehicles. At its simplest, this will feed live video from a camera into a head-mounted display (in this case, the Oculus Rift), and then overly data from an infrared sensor to give the viewer depth information.... Visit Project

    • Satellite Tracker

      We are a group of enthusiastic students from Rajagiri School Of Engineering & Technology currently undergoing 2nd year B.Tech in Computer Science. Our application is Satellite Tracker. Satellite Tracker is a real-time simulation of all tracked artificial satellites currently in Earth orbit. Or... Visit Project

    • FollowSat

      Who we are? We are a team of 5 passionate people about space. Inspired by the immensity of the universe and curious about making things in this special environment, we met at the Space Apps Challenge to work on solutions to help NASA's problems. Our Team has mostly 2 kind of different profile... Visit Project

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