ISFREESEA, (Informatic System Free for Searching of Asteroids) Front end receives the captured data as an external coordinate system that localize possible near asteroids, this storage them in an internal database for its analysis more detailed, the set of nodes responsible for leading telescopes do a check of the accumulated records in the database.

This project is solving the Asteroid Watchers challenge.


Through a selection system coordinates the set of nodes are chosen depending on their position for close observation and monitoring. The nodes are waiting for new data to verify the proposed coordinates for the database whenever necessary independent of the other telescopes being well each one autonomous in its functions.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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self-sustainable-design-for-tracking-center-asteroid-observation-and-dome -
monisio-observatory -


  • Isai Samudio
  • Robert Gutiérrez
  • Jorge  Luis
  • Luis Domínguez
  • francisco navarro
  • Javier Guardia
  • juan comparaz
  • Huriviades Calderón
  • Jaime Jaén
  • Elvin Espinoza