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2014 Challenge

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    Challenge Description

    Combine the wealth of data about conditions on Earth with the technology to display that information on a globe. Design a way to visualize live Earth observation data on a web app or a mobile app. You could use new technologies to visualize wind, pressure, wave height, thermal, UV levels, or other Earth observation data on a 3D globe right in your web browser. The app’s main users could be space scientists, Earth scientists, and students.


    NASA provides a large amount of Earth observation data in near real-time, for example, temperature, precipitation, clouds, ozone, sulphur dioxide, snow cover, wildfires and many more. There are examples of presenting wind speeds around the globe. Something similar for other environmental data would be beneficial.

    Could this tool be used in schools, in research or other areas?

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways for you to frame this solution:

    The app should allow users to: input the coordinates on earth to extract local data values; retrieve Earth observation data in near real-time; visualize Earth observation data globally and locally (e.g. zoom); and provide an interactive globe or map with data visualization layers

    Sample Resources

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • WHHOD (World Water Detector)

      L' eau est un véritable enjeux dans ce monde.facilitons nous la vie avec l' aplication mobile "WHHOD". il s' agit de repérer avec notre smart phone les points d' eau les plus proches, souteraines ou en surfaces de poximité par rapport à notre position géographique. Un satelite spatiale nous les ... Visit Project

    • hirez-climate

      # Purpose public is provided in the form of easy-to-available Earth Observation data 1. we're drawing it on the map 2. providing Earth Observation data after the processing for easy to use Visit Project

    • The Earth Watch

      The objective of this project is to provide the normal population with an easy to use application that shows the inner/outer working of the earth ie What is going on in the earth?( Carbon Monoxide levels, Cloud Fractions, Humidity etc) Visit Project

    • BFU observer

      SAR is a coherent system that uses mutual radial displacement both of the system itself and the object of interest to obtain Doppler information and define azimuth resolution and wideband emitted signal to realize range resolution. The object of observation is illuminated by high frequency elect... Visit Project

    • LiveFires

      Load Realtime Fires over the world, prefirably both on Web (desktop) and mobile webapp. Visit Project

    • Climate Stories

      By actually hovering over our planet and see all events that happened the last 10 years and happens right now we would like everyone to think about the impact of these events and trigger action! The project results can be seen at: By adding impressive phot... Visit Project

    • Space Trip

      We want this project to deliver the great opportunity of seeing space on a very unique way, just as an astronaut would do. The app will be able to access the ISS camera, broadcasting I real time!. Access and obtain weather conditions a cross the globe, on the location they request. We are w... Visit Project

    • Earth Observer Airship Simulator

      The project features simulation of unmanned airship which can be deployed as a mirror satellite for mapping imagery of earth surface, to study weather condition, assist during natural calamities, remote sensing, surveillance, communication, etc. for extended period of time. The simulator will be... Visit Project

    • Drive on Earth

      The Project Drive on Earth achieves the major of Challenge Earth observation visualization. The users will never ever miss their bus stop if they are travelling through Bus. The people who are new in a city they can use this application to drive through the map of that city. There is no need to... Visit Project

    • Eventify Mee

      Eventifyme will notify the users to keep track of the upcoming facebook events around the globe. Separate galleries for Events those in which you are going or not going. App shows the complete details of an event you want to explore. The current location of the event via bing maps, you can al... Visit Project

    • VC-O

      Sabía que nuestro país Bolivia se encuentra ubicado entre los 8 países megadiversos del planeta en términos de especies de plantas, animales y riqueza genética? Comprende 32 regiones ecológicas, con 199 ecosistemas representados en su mayoría por 22 de las áreas protegidas de Bolivia. Se ha ... Visit Project

    • Müsait Bi Yerde

      Projenin Safhaları: 1. Hava durumunun olumsuz olması koşulunda yakın zamanda uçak yolculuğu yapacak kişiler için o bölgede uçuş seferlerinin iptal olmasıyla uyarı kullanıcılara 1 saat öncesinden verilecek. Bu bilgiler Nasa'nın bulutları izlemesiyle elde ettiği güncel hava durumu analizleri ışığı... Visit Project

    • Boyutlar Evreni

      İlk olarak tabi ki yaşadığımız yer olan dünyadan başlayacağız.Şöyle ki her geçen günün geçmişin bir parçası olacağını hepimiz biliyoruz ve bu yüzden istiyoruz ki gelecek kapımıza dayanmadan biz geleceğin kapısına dayanalım.Bu projede ki amacımız evrendeki doğal döngüyü uzaktan 3 boyutlu halinde ... Visit Project

    • Fireout

      this is out Visit Project

    • FireOn

      Description: We will analize NASA's data from fire and we will put then on a global map, with 24 and 48 hours maps, we will filter the data to get only when more than a 90% chances to be a fire and not a wrong data The second part will be one sms alert if you are near a fire with your real GPS... Visit Project

    • Umber the Weather

      The goal of our project is to take historical data, display it in an accessible format, with the goal of eventually being able to use it to help predict future climate patterns. We took NOAA historical data to build a Web app that gives anyone access to datasets from 1948 to today, including in... Visit Project

    • GeoAmbienteGuate

      Our main goal is to provide information for a person looking to create an environmental analysis. It can extend as much as the resources of information available and can be used as well to instruct a common citizen about where is he located. Another objective its to allow the user to upload i... Visit Project

    • Procities

      ¿Qué es Procities? Es un predictor Geo ambiental que permite, por medio de la minería de datos, proyectar desarrollos urbanos, Agrícolas, Industriales, forestales y de otros usos a través de una aplicación móvil. ¿Cómo Funciona? El usuario por medio de su dispositivo móvil y usando la geo loca... Visit Project

    • watchFire

      # Problem There are more than 100,000 fires each year in the U.S only, burning between 1.6 and 2 million hectares. They move at speeds up to 23 km an hour, destroying everything in their path and taking away human lives. # Goal If fires could be detected in time, people could avoid the affec... Visit Project

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