This is a project created to have people experience the awesome views provided by NASA, straight from the ISS. Android device (as of right now) users will be able to access the camera in live broadcasting! directly from the ISS (International Space Station). Other features will be added eventually.

This project is solving the Earth Observation Visualization challenge.


We want this project to deliver the great opportunity of seeing space on a very unique way, just as an astronaut would do.

The app will be able to access the ISS camera, broadcasting I real time!. Access and obtain weather conditions a cross the globe, on the location they request.

We are working together to integrate all of components such as: inapp real time view of NASA provided information and it is planned to have nice developed interactions and functionalities to improve the user experience, straight from their mobile devices. App developing will always be open to suggestions of changes and/or improvement.

Fell free to contact us with questions, recomendatios and/or request to work on the project.

*UPDATE: Well app seems to be moving forward, it's a basic 'flat app' yet, during the event there just was not enough time to actually desing the 3D interactive globe, but we will definitely be working on it eventually.

Project Information

License: Simple Public License 2.0 (SimPL-2.0)

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