A mobile web application which gathers imagery from GIBS and information from a guatemalan entity (IGN) in order to present geo-information to the user about the place he is located inside Guatemala. It was created using web technologies (bootstrap, jquery) and a client for GIBS (leaflet). This prototype can consume data from GIBS through its API and from Google Fusion Tables where geographical information is stored. This information was downloaded from IGN public services and transformed into a geo database.

This project is solving the Earth Observation Visualization challenge.


Our main goal is to provide information for a person looking to create an environmental analysis. It can extend as much as the resources of information available and can be used as well to instruct a common citizen about where is he located.

Another objective its to allow the user to upload information about what he/she is seeing around, to enrich the information about the place following social interactions.

URL: Compatibility: Android, iPhone, Chrome.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Jose Avila
  • Edgar Rodriguez
  • Dario Pacay
  • Ricardo Ibarra