Climate and My Neighborhood

2014 Challenge

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    Challenge Description

    What apps would you build if you had access to climate projections for the rest of this century? How would you visualize these climate projections and their impacts to effectively engage policy makers, managers, planners, educators, and the general public? This challenge focuses on the creation of a visualization interface (mobile app or a web app accessible on a mobile platform) that would allow location-specific access to climate data sets using coordinates specified by the user, or from Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates available from mobile devices. Applications could combine the climate datasets with other datasets (for example, maps of sea level rise) or models (for example, relationships between daily maximum temperature and electricity demand and pricing) to provide localized information on climate impacts. See what creative data uses and visualizations you can find.


    Global models of the climate system are now the foundation for many important climate studies, but they typically quantify climate changes at very large geographic scales, on the order of 100 to 250 kilometers (62 to 155 miles). Using supercomputing resources to analyze the latest generation of global climate scenarios, NASA recently released monthly climate projections for the coterminous United States at a spatial scale of one half mile (800 meters). This climate dataset, known as the NASA Earth Exchange Downscaled Climate Projections at 30 arc-seconds (NEX-DCP30), provides a view of future U.S. temperature and precipitation patterns based on four different greenhouse gas emissions scenarios, spanning the period from 1950 to 2099, at the spatial scale of an individual neighborhood. These high-resolution climate scenarios, derived from the best physical models of the climate system available, make it easier for resource managers to quantify anticipated climate change impacts on a wide range of conditions and resources important to local communities, such as water supplies and winter snow packs, public health and the spread of insect-borne diseases, flood risk and potential impacts to critical urban infrastructure, wildfire frequency and severity, agricultural production, and wildlife and biodiversity. Other federal agencies have already leveraged this massive dataset and distilled the information into easily-understood maps, summaries and spreadsheet compatible data files for each state and county in the United States. The President’s Climate Action Plan launched a Climate Data Initiative on June 15, 2013 to leverage extensive federal climate-relevant data to stimulate innovation and private-sector entrepreneurship in support of national climate-change preparedness.

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways for you to frame this solution:

    Mobile app or a web application accessible by a mobile device;

    Visualizations of climate projections and/or impacts for a specific region based on geographic coordinates entered by the user or available from the GPS of the mobile device;

    Applications that combine the NASA climate datasets with other information to quantify location-specific climate change impacts; and

    Visualizations that use data, maps, and images in the public domain.

    The solution could contain a brief description of the app or the mashup goal and design, a story of why this visualization/app/mashup is important and what insights or future capabilities it provides with regard to understanding climate impacts in our neighborhoods or cities; as well as descriptions and links to open source tools used in the development and for other data, images, API used by the app.

    Sample Resources

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Mapp My Climate

      A web application with mobile site enabling people to view climate data through time mapped to their location. Visit Project

    • Drunk Puppy Tea Theatre

      #Ways to Die ######Team: Drunk Puppy Tea Theatre ### > What is Ways to Die? > **Ways to Die** is a mobile application for Windows Phone that can help you predict how you will leave thise world based on climate-related data for your neighborhood. The app retrieves climate data and predictio... Visit Project

    • Perfect Trip

      Currently, weather long-term forecasting systems allow prediction of temperature averages and extremes both. It is achieved by different relatively simple methods using geographically distributed datasets mostly. In this content, satellite remote observations methodology is key point because of w... Visit Project

    • Weather Warning

      Edit later Visit Project

    • Save our Earth

      Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. + Environmental pollution of land + Water Pollution + Air Pollution Environmental pollution is a worldwide problem. So, our team will develop a mobile social network for this problem... Visit Project

    • Weather Forecast & Climate Change

      We will create a mobile app can help see the climate in each region. App will enter longitude, latitude from which the current will tell you there are weather parameters like, for example, humidity, temperature, wind direction, rain, sun, ... The software also indicates the status of climate chan... Visit Project

    • Band It!

      Each participant would gain web access to their personal data, which would include recommendations based on other similar data sets. Each city would gain access to the aggregate data to help form custom public policies. Visit Project

    • nasa-nex-climate-changes

      The current project is dedicated to ease the users who need visualization of the temperature changes. The information is gathered from the NEX-DCP30 climate dataset, in NetCDF format. We parse the data and migrate it to a database, from where we visualize it via the dedicated web application. Visit Project

    • ClimateHood

    • Climahood

      Climate and my neigborhood Visit Project

    • testware

      Increase Public Awareness About Environmental Problems Get off the old fashion ways and make this a fun ride for everyone Visit Project

    • New method to determine the motor vehicle dynamics

      Targets : 1 /Reduction of fuel consumtion of all motor -guided vehicle / incl. electrical / 2/ Quick and most precise calculation / max 30 min./ of all parameters for the construction of a new engine/vehicle. 3/ Nature protection 4/ Less fuel pro... Visit Project

    • New method to determine the motor vehicle dynamics-

      Targets : 1 /Reduction of fuel consumtion of all motor -guided vehicle / incl. electrical / 2/ Quick and most precise calculation / max 30 min./ of all parameters for the construction of a new engine/vehicle. 3/ Nature protection 4/ Less fuel pro... Visit Project

    • ClimaWare

      Increase Public Awareness About Environmental Problems Get off the old fashion ways and make this a fun ride for everyone Visit Project

    • ClimateHood 503

      Consideramos que es derecho de todos estar bien informado, pero para eso necesitamos de la ayuda de todos para eso. En base a eso, nuestra comunidad pone a disposicion del publico en general la informacion climatica para que familias, centros educativos, ONGs, empresas. Prevengan el exponerse a c... Visit Project

    • SkyON Colaborative Platform and Weather Station

      SkyON is a platform for weather data with the main objective to provide greater control over climate change on Earth. The program consists of three key parts: (1) reading equipment of meteorological data, (2) central data processing and data mining, and most importantly, (3) arbitrary communi... Visit Project

    • Climate Alert

      Climate Alert Project is based in the NASA database of climate projections which have location, precipitation and temperature information, this datas had been acessed with Opennexapp. The mobile aplication for Android had been developed in App Inventor, an easy programming tool. Climate Alert... Visit Project

    • Turbonada

      Squall is a weather phenomenon characterized by a major change in wind speed, which begins suddenly, lasting on the order of minutes rather than diminishes rapidly, and often accompanied by shower or thunderstorm. We need to relate METAR data, winds and tides of a coastal zones. Visit Project

    • Sinat(Sistema integrado nacional de alerta temprana )

      bueno la primera carpeta la llamada carpeta api les proporciona pequeña linea de código necesaria para conectar nuestros equipos con nuestro sitio web. luego el codigo fuente HTML la cual fue para el uso de nuestro servicio con la ayuda de la api de growdmap. código QR el cual vincula nuestra a... Visit Project

    • Climate Prof

      Still to come Visit Project

    • Team Nugget

      Still to come Visit Project


      SMART CAR - SPACE TECHNOLOGY When dangerous climate change. project to warn people in advance. smart car space technology PROJECT OWNER: SERAL TAŞ GAZİANTEP ÜNİVERSİTY OCCUPATION: MEKATRONIK TECHNICIAN mail : [email protected] Nasanın küresel iklim görüntüleri alına... Visit Project

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