The SkyON is a platform for meteorological data captured by Weather Stations. The EyesON are our eyes on the weather. They are equipment that has a simple architecture so you can build your own and join us. They were devised in the Arduino platform and the cost of fitting is quite affordable. They will send to SkyON weather datato be processed. Information on climate variations are the focus. The main feature of this program is that the community actively participates.

This project is solving the Climate and My Neighborhood challenge.


SkyON is a platform for weather data with the main objective to provide greater control over climate change on Earth.

The program consists of three key parts: (1) reading equipment of meteorological data, (2) central data processing and data mining, and most importantly, (3) arbitrary community participation.

On the planet, especially in less populated areas, even in large cities, there is great large areas not monitored. Here it is not only to bring data on rainfall and sunny days. These are primarily data capture with maximum amplitude possible so that inferences with greater coverage in geographical area can be conducted.

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  • Antonio Fernandes de Carvalho
  • Lidiane  Monteiro
  • Yelken Gonzales
  • Maria Palloma