Climate Alert is a mobile aplication for Android developed in App Inventor that allows the users to have acess of climate datas and future projections in their timelines. With the user location, we can know about the impact of an event and help the user to plan an action behavior.

This project is solving the Climate and My Neighborhood challenge.


Climate Alert Project is based in the NASA database of climate projections which have location, precipitation and temperature information, this datas had been acessed with Opennexapp. The mobile aplication for Android had been developed in App Inventor, an easy programming tool.

Climate Alert works to understand the climate impact in our everyday, provid climate projections to the community and help the users plan an action behavior. Our funcionalities Works with critical alerts and daily tips which tells the users when will happen something and what they can do new today with the clime.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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Presentation Climate Alert in Portuguese -
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  • Maria Josilene Santana
  • Lhaís Silva
  • Viviane Lyrio