Earthlings – or human beings - who are flying in air, at will, is a reality and inevitable way of living in our near future.... Instinct of surviving has always been in our gene! Humanity can do much better than counting and accepting death tolls from global catastrophic tragedies owing to Climate Change. The adaptability to Climate Change lies in our hands, and we should start applying already available resources without delay! The C-7s Sky-Car (pronounced as 'See Havens') is a revamped concept - where the combination of an airplane and a car proves better - to help people escape successfully from life and death situations, such as tsunamis, bush fires, super-storms, amongst others, with minimal warning time.... Here is the link to our brief YouTube presentation:

This project is solving the Community Visions of Climate Adaptation challenge.


Our project aims were to create a Sky-Car that can be used in everyday lives of people, and most importantly, in life and death situations as mentioned in the overview above. We have looked into different Sky-Car concepts, and finally reached conclusions based on some important decisive parameters, like, affordability, feasibility, maintainability, cost of proposed concept, complexity of the concept and others.

Finally, we came up with one concept and we suggested some new technologies that could be use with it to improve sustainability even more - for we are centered to save the environment! It is only then that society would be a better place to live and breathe in....

Group Members:

Mr. Shatirsingh (Ishraj) Inderjeet

(Associate) Graduate, B Eng Aerospace Engineering (Hons) - RMIT University | TU Delft (Exchange) - Australia | The Netherlands



Dr. Htun Htun OO

General Practitioner | Evanston Park Surgery | Adelaide, South Australia - Aviation Medical Examiner | Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) | Gawler Area, South Australia - Student Private Pilot License (PPL) - Trainee Occupational Medicine | Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine | Adelaide, South Australia



Thank You for your interest in our project!

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Shatirsingh (Ishraj) Inderjeet
  • Htun Htun Oo