The basic idea originated when a group of students from Kathmandu University led a community project at Langtang (Mountainous Region) of Nepal. Basically being a mountainous region, the place didn't observe continuous sunlight, further the place lacked proper electrical facility, people over there had miserable lifestyle to carry out day to day work. Hence to overcome the problem we made a robotic prototype that would solve the particular problem.

This project is solving the ArduHack challenge.


As the name suggest, "Suryamukhi Yantra" - Sun Seeker, our robotic prototype would move from one place to another seeking the solar radiation and hence would orientate the solar panel accordingly. The main aim of this project is to make optimal use of solar radiation in those places where the sun radiation is scares and use if for different purpose in the future in order to ease the lifestyle of the people.

In order to complete the project, we basically used 2 light sensors and three motors. The two sensors are adjusted at the sides of the solar panel and are driven in such as a way that would change it's position with respect to the position of the sunlight. The robot would move places until it finds the particular spot where the sunlight exist. The two of the motors would drive wheels of the robot while the rest would help in rotating the solar panel

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License: Educational Community License, Version 2.0 (ECL-2.0)

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  • Nirab Shrestha