New space shuttles with airdrome start of a class Siberian and Atlant: Siberian SiR-71X "DESPERADO"with take-off weight of 80 tons and Siberian SiR-640 "Ilya Muromets" with take-off weight of 640 tons Atlant MS-3 with take-off weight of 85 tons. Specifications, design, aerodynamics and the short feasibility report.

This project is solving the NASA Small Business One-Stop challenge.


Grebenshchikov Victor worked many years with the project MAHAON including SPACESHUTTLES line with start mass Siberian SiR-71X (SiR-80) DESPERADO 80000 kg, Siberian SiR-640 STARRY (ILYA MUROMETS) 640000 kg begun in a counterbalance flying burner of type Russian BURAN and the American Space Shuttle. LEADING PARTICULARS DATA OF THE SHUTTLE "SIR71X - DESPERADO": • Crew: 2; Payload for 3 stage: 725 - 2500 kg (for different orbits) • Length: 19,88 m; Wingspan: 21.68 m; Height: 4.24 m; Wing area: 174 m2 • Empty weight: 30,600 kg ; Loaded weight: 80,000 kg • Powerplant1: analogue 2xJ58-1 turbojet, 14780 kGp(145 kN) each • Powerplant2: analogue 4xCR225-R rocket, 22940 kGp (225 kN) each • Powerplant3: analogue 1 (4)xCR16-R rocket, 1600 kGp (15.75 kN) each • Wheel track: 5.0 m; Wheel base: 8.0 m
Abbreviation DESPERADO is formed of the first letters of the name of program Derivatives of Earth Space Power Element of Rocket Armament Dynamic Objects. LEADING PARTICULARS DATA OF THE SHUTTLE "STARRY" - 640000KG: • Crew: 10; Payload for 3 stage: 11600 - 40000 kg (for different orbits) • Length: 56.2 m; Wingspan: 61.3 m; Height: 12.22 ; Wing area: 1392 m2 • Empty weight: 153,600 kg; Loaded weight: 640,000 kg • Powerplant1 analogue 8xGE4-J5 turbojet, 28700 kGp (281 kN) each • Powerplant2: analogue 4xCR900-R rocket, 114700 kGp (1125 kN) each • Powerplant3: analogue 1 (4)xCR63-R rocket, 8000 kGp (78,75 kN) each • Wheel track: 20.0 m; Wheel base: 32.0 m Technical Projecting of multipurposes hypersonic flying apparatus and aerospace shuttle with engine MS-type and engines Production for the replacement of existing fleet of turbo and rocket engines airplanes and shuttles for atmosphere and Solar system space flights class derivation "ATLANT".
Aerospace Shuttle "ATLANT" with MS-type Engine intend for the flight into The Solar System (as Atmosphere or Space variant) with Speed Limit to 30000 Metre/Sec. This Perspective Project of Aerospace Shuttle have no analogs among existing samples in the World and exceed for the Technical effect and Payload factor "Columbia" Shuttle in four (4) times and "B-2A" Airplane in near four (3.6) times.

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  • Victor Grebenshchikov