Rocks! Lasers! Profit! is a fun and educational game, designed to help gamers learn about asteroids. The goal of the game is to mine the maximum possible resources before fuel runs out - this is accomplished by analyzing the in-game asteroid data, and then strategically mining asteroids that generate the best payback. The game was designed in the Unity 3D Engine. The asteroid compositions, positions and related graphs were compiled by analyzing online data and research publications.

This project is solving the Asteroid Prospector challenge.


Rock! Lasers! Profit! is an educational game, designed to help both kids and adults learn about asteroids, their different types and their mineral compositions. The goal of the game is to collect as many resources as possible before fuel runs out. To do so, the gamer must strategically mine asteroids by analyzing the in-game asteroid composition distribution graphs and wave spectrum data.

Asteroid Generation

Asteroid belts were generated based on distribution data which mapped the distance of the asteroids belts from the sun to the probability of encountering a particular type and composition of asteroids. This data was compiled by analyzing various sources including online data and research publications (see Research Resources).

Research Resources

Technical Overview

Future Considerations

  • Feeding in more data sets from various online resources
  • More involved mining sequence and options
  • Advanced tools for prospecting
  • Increased scale
  • Performance improvements
  • Integrating Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift)
  • Mobile Version (in-progress)
  • Gravitational effects of asteroids upon each other
  • More realistic SkyBox (Stars)
  • Re-fueling using mined resources
  • Considerations to the market and value system


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Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPL-2.0)

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  • John Rockefeller
  • Richard Bettridge
  • Catherine Holloway
  • Osama Sidat