A web-based calendar with task planning ability to use on Mars and - in prospect - on other planets.

This project is solving the NASA Small Business One-Stop challenge.


Seeing the upcoming mission to Mars, we thought it would be a good idea if humanity had a tool for careful planning of planetary time for efficient arrangement of local work activities. Given difference of Martian time from that on the Earth (e.g. a Martian day, also called 'sol', lasts 39 minutes as longer than a Terrestrial one with a year being nearly twice as longer than the Terrestrial counterpart), there's a need in the precise mapping of the Terrestrial time to the Martian time & vice versa.

This necessity led us to developing an application fulfilling the needs of future space colonists.

Our website is an easy to use Google-like calendar. It provides the ability to add tasks with respect to the time zone on the Earth (UTC) either in Terrestrial or Martian time & the visual jusxtaposition of both. Conversion of one time to the other is carried out using Darian calendar. The engine is extensible for task planning & time conversion on other planets as well (in the long run) based on their properties.

The design is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) concept with the direct access to the computed data. Back end is written in Java (Spring stack) & has the RESTful API (ability to create other clients). Most of the front-end logic is implemented in JavaScript with the use of the Backbone framework. Authentication is done by remote services via OAuth2.

The project is qualifying for the 'Concept' nomination indirectly solving the problem of small business support as a scheduling tool (NASA Small Business One-Stop).

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  • Anton Veselyev
  • Vladimir Genovich
  • Maxim Skorohodov
  • Anton Veselyev
  • Mikhail Erofeev