We are building a web-based application at www.pimios.com to aggregate data from multiple locations to be hosted in a project-specific repository. This application will pull past, future, and real-time information about space events, including, but not limited to, lunar eclipse, solar flares, shooting stars, asteroids, and any other space event of interest (yes, even UFOs). Information will be gathered from social media as well as news and weather outlets. The model is organic and peer-to-peer.

This project is solving the Alert-Alert! challenge.


Our goal is to aggregate as much relevant information as possible surrounding a space event of interest. The application needs to be able to filter out irrelevant information and display only data of interest (e.g. A project involving Mars observations will not include information regarding Bruno Mars).

The application will use API's to pull data from social media in real-time as people and groups post tagged information related to certain space activity. It will also pull information via RSS feeds from reputable news outlets such as USA Today, and NASA's websites. Location-specific data, as well as future events, posted by outlets will be available in map and calendar form, respectively. All of this information will be posted to dedicated web pages that are specific to certain events. By "following" events through the Phenomenation application, users can receive real-time alerts via email, SMS, social media, etc. Because this is a web-based application users can access Phenomenation using any computer, including tablets and mobile devices.

This provides a central location for not just world-renowned astrologists, but also students and educational organizations. STEM-related education can take advantage of real-time events and prepare lessons around the information. Hosting a Google Hangout with NASA astronauts and high school students is now easy to plan.

Project Information

License: Attribution Assurance Licenses (AAL)

Source Code/Project URL: http://new.pimios.com/discover/projects


UFO Sighting Reporting - http://new.pimios.com/discover/projects/item/60
Mars Information - http://new.pimios.com/create/project/item/61
Lunar Eclipse - http://new.pimios.com/create/project/item/62


  • Nicholas Anthony
  • Collin Brady
  • Eric Anthony