We are designing a concept of a deployable martian greenhouse with built-in interface for maintaining greenhouses and gardens inside landing modules.

This project is solving the Spaceveggies challenge.


The idea is to make a greenhouse for scientists and garden for them at the same time. Garden includes 3 parts: food, medcine and aesthetics. Scientist from the Mars can get and watch all information about the inside conditions (air, temperature, water, pressure and other), plants (the stage of each plant lifecycle, level of fruits maturity and other). We make the interface: control panel for all the information about garden and the model of the garden building.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Yan Kitzel
  • Alexey Tcherevatov
  • Pavel Dodonov
  • Artem Razgonov
  • Yan Kitzel
  • Nikita Gareyshin
  • Anna Mishchenko