This project aims to develop Space Veggies solution further in terms of keeping it clean and still enjoyable! Pathogens and pests are not only a nuisance but a real threat causing severe losses in agriculture on Earth. Let's not allow this to happen on Mars!

This project is solving the Spaceveggies challenge.


The aims of this project are:

1). to discuss the phytosanitary issues of greenhouse facilities designed for Mars

2). and to propose additional ideas to supplement the original NASA Space Apps Challenge 2013 solution winning project Space Veggies.

Problems on Mars

1). Help and replacements are far away.

2). Greenhouses and other facilities form a closed system.

3). Biological contamination can hitchhike its way on anything.

Suggested solutions

1). Greenhouse blocks should not be connected

2). Phytosanitary guidelines should be set and followed.

3). Containers of plants or algae should be integrated into common living facilities.

4). Biochar could be incorporated into plant waste treatment to compliment or substitute composting.

5). Movable aeroponic systems enable creativity and green art thus promoting mental health.


NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge 2013 solution winner Space Veggies constitutes the basis for the solutions and suggestions within this project. The design ideas proposed in the Space Veggies solution have not been changed in this project unless mentioned otherwise. In addition the Space Veggies project serves as an inspiration and set the bar for us who follow.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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