An Electrolytic cell with thermo electric generators. Strangely placed into the exhaust system to recover the waste energy from the excess heat of an internal combustion engine. Using the thermal energy to break down water molecules into its elements, through a electrolysis process. The resulting gas 2:1 hydrogen to oxygen would then be pumped through a intercooler, filter and vacuum tank into combustion chamber, on demand.

This project is solving the World Energy Xplorer challenge.


The aim of the project is to raise the efficiency of a internal combustion engine, while also reducing the emissions produced . Modern petrol engines have a maximum thermal efficiency of about 25% - 30%. In other words, 70-75% is rejected as heat without being turned into useful work,e.g turning the crank which translates into propelling the vehicle. I hope through my design of a bolt in electrolytic cell, much like a catalytic convertor, could reduce the danger older cars pose to the environment while hopefully raising their mpg.

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  • Maurice O'Donoghue