Agriculture and Environmental information platform built to empower African farmers. It aligns with the Federal Ministry of Agricultures new ICT policy for farmers called 'One Farmer One Phone. This policy is aimed at exposing poor farmers to advanced agricultural practices using information and communication technology. The Application uses Google's APIs as well as the NASA Geo-location.

This project is solving the Community Visions of Climate Adaptation challenge.


Modern weather forecasting involves a combination of computer models, observation, and a knowledge of trends and patterns. Using these methods, reasonably accurate forecasts can be made up to about five days in advance. Beyond that, detailed forecasts are less useful, since atmospheric conditions such as temperature and wind direction are very complex. Most of the computer models used for forecasting are run by the National Weather Service, which creates forecast models based on complex formulas. You don't need to have a supercomputer or weather balloon to try your hand at forecasting, GeoWatch is the answer.

The One Farmer One Phone policy is aimed at getting ready information to Nigerian farmers at the shortest possible time. Information which may include: - Agricultural news - Improved farm feeds and mechanisms - Weather information - Information on available Market - Ready access to Agricultural Agencies

GeoWatch provides a solution that addresses some of these issues and brings farmers closer to the world of ICT. The application maintains its simplicity to meet the user experience of the average farmer. It is easy to navigate and also easy to understand. The advanced version of GeoWatch is aimed at providing advanced features to further address if not all but most of the major agricultural and environmental problems in the world. The applications features include:

  • Real-time Weather prediction, information and tops for farmers and agriculturists.
  • Weather Safety: Easily access severe weather reports
  • Push Notification: News feeds, tips and alert
  • Severe Weather Alerts - Delivered live to your app, so you're always prepared.
  • Your Current Conditions: Accurate, updated frequently and beautifully displayed.
  • Live Tiles: Know exactly when it's going to rain or what the Wind chill will be, accurate to within 15 minutes!! Changing weather conditions are updated live.
  • Detailed Weather Forecasts: So you can plan your day, week, or just the next hour.
  • Local Language preference: For the three major languages in Nigeria (Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa)

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Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPL-2.0)



  • Oluseye Soyode-Johnson
  • Opeoluwa Iwashokun
  • Absalom Ayabie
  • Flora Ekeng
  • Patrick Ikoi
  • Christer Emmanuel