A-ROV is a proof-of-concept for an augmented reality telepresence system for remotely operated vehicles. Using a head-mounted display such as the Oculus Rift, data from cameras and other sensors (such as hyperspectral imaging cameras) can be displayed to an operator in 3D. A cubesat with multiple cameras could then be piloted by an astronaut from within the ISS to assess the status of the station in case of a hardware failure or damage by space debris, reducing the risk associated with EVAs.

This project is solving the Pilot a Satellite! challenge.


The project hopes to produce a proof-of-concept for an AR system for remotely operated vehicles. At its simplest, this will feed live video from a camera into a head-mounted display (in this case, the Oculus Rift), and then overly data from an infrared sensor to give the viewer depth information. A fully-realized concept would allow users to switch between and overly several different types of information to give them a greatly augmented view of the situation taking place.

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License: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License (BSD-3-Clause)



  • Daniel Lee
  • John Oquist