Workether Coworking Space
  • Workether is the Coworking Space for the Digital Minded in Valencia

    Workether sprung to life in 2012, from what used to be an old antenna factory. Today we are a global coworking community with members from over 14 different countries working together in 300 square meters of inspiration, filled with urban art, badminton nets, indoor minigolf, table tennis and an arcade machine. 

    We are proud hosts of some of the best tech events in town. GoogleMicrosoftMozilla and the local developer communities agree with us.

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Best Mission Concept

    Green Mars

    Most Inspiring


    People's choice

    Next Vision (Space Helmet)

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    Best Use of Data - Extreme Sports
    Most Educational - Space school
    Best Team Work - Where on Earth


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    Calle Serpis 3

    Pepe Borrás
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  • The following projects were worked on at Valencia:

    • Next Vision (Space Helmet)

      Project Members from this location
      • Francisco Presencia Fandos

      Our technology will allow the Space Tourists to have a truly out-of-the world experience. The HUD is a non intrusive method to display Oxygen levels, heart rate and other information for the astronaut. This will be achieved on the left, where on the right there is a live chat ... Visit Project

    • Extreme Sports

      Project Members from this location
      • Miriam Naranjo
      • Juan Fernandez Vicente
      • Tomas Perez Ugeda
      • Fernando Sanchez Ortega

      Our project is a biplataforma application, especially for extreme sports such as surfing and skiing..., in the last one for example has a very interesting use ,because we can obtain NASA's datas to find the GPS location, temperature, weather, wind among others. With this app , we will t... Visit Project

    • Space school

      Project Members from this location
      • Jose  Sepulveda Femenia
      • Jose  Sepulveda Femenia
      • Jose Luis Lopez de Pablo Moya

      The project consists of a mobile application using pictures from GIBS for the purpose of making an easier and more effective way to educate the new young generations. Nowadays the use of tablets in the school instead of books is becoming more and more of a reality. So it is possible to take ad... Visit Project

    • Green Mars

      Project Members from this location
      • Joan Bono
      • Damia Poquet
      • Janusz Frackowiak
      • David Riff

      System scheme: System is composed of six hexagonal separate greenhouses, forming a ring, with seventh in center as main habitat for astronauts. Each of cells is devided into six triangules with other plant in each triangule. Three cells will be supporting six different plants, as the other thr... Visit Project

    • mina

      Project Members from this location
      • Iván Vicente Escrivá Aparisi
      • arturo sapiña
      • Enrique Díaz-Tendero
      • Carlos Peinado Molina

      MINA stands for Mining In Near Asteroids.
      We have decided to take a low tech approach to the challenge, so the game is a board game, playable with cards and tokens. As board game we can easily enter in the family environment.
      You can even play this game without electricity! We thin... Visit Project

    • Where on Earth

      Project Members from this location
      • Daniel Morte
      • Andrés Micó
      • bassam hanna
      • Daniel Morte
      • Paco Zamora-Martinez

      Firstly, with this project we want to obtain a both useful and effective application. A possible application or use of the presented project, it is that it serves as tool in the educational area, since we claim that it serves as curiosity of the astronomy and that augment the knowledge while t... Visit Project