Our project, try to find risks in different sports, we use NASA's images to detect points of snow around the world. We notify people when there is some dangerous site. For example when there are a big change in the temperature , or a lot of wind ...

This project is solving the Image-ine Earth Yesterday and Today challenge.


Our project is a biplataforma application, especially for extreme sports such as surfing and skiing..., in the last one for example has a very interesting use ,because we can obtain NASA's datas to find the GPS location, temperature, weather, wind among others. With this app , we will try to increase information the natural disasters and bring information to people.

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Project Information

License: Eclipse Public License 1.0 (EPL-1.0)


Extreme Sport -


  • Tomas Perez Ugeda
  • Juan Fernandez Vicente
  • Miriam Naranjo
  • Fernando Sanchez Ortega