Lifetime Lab, Old Cork Waterworks
  • The Cork Space Apps challenge will take place in University College Cork and an 18th century historic waterworks. The engineering marvel of the huge steam engines and turbines that pumped water into Cork city we hope will inspire our teams to develop amazing projects. The old waterworks is now a science education and resource centre called Lifetime Lab. The centre regularly hosts science and engineering events for the public, so we're planning to engage the community of Cork by also hosting an open day on Sunday April 13th to introduce the general public to the science of space. 

    The contrast of the 18th century waterworks machines and the Space Apps Challenge teams will give a unique atmosphere to the open day as well as the weekend as a whole. Ireland prides itself in the large number of successful projects that it has sent to space as part of its membership of the ESA, and we suspect our teams will aim just as high. 

    The principal organizers of the Space Apps Challenge are also science PhD graduates with a passion for projects, technology and space. 

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    Saturday, April 12th (Boole Basement UCC)

      9:00 Registration

    10:00 Schedule and logistics announcements

    10:30 Project development

    12:00 Lunch break

    13.00 Project Development and Refinement

    19:00 Dinner break

    20:00 Movie Screening


    Sunday, April 21 (Lifetime Lab, Lee Road)

    14:00 Logistics briefing & updates

    15:00 Presentations in front of Judges

    16:00 Judges Voting

    16:30 Guest Speakers and Awards

    17:00 Post-Event Social

    Projects Nominated for Global Judging

    Galactic Impact

    M.A.D.- The Medical Administration Device

    Best Use of Hardware

    Obstacle avoidance Robot with surveillance capability

    People's choice

    Save the Galaxy

    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    Student Category Winner - M.A.D.- The Medical Administration Device
    Professional Category Winner - Obstacle avoidance Robot with surveillance capability



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    Lifetime Lab
    Lee Road
    Cork, Munster

    John O'Donoghue
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  • The following projects were worked on at Cork:

    • Obstacle avoidance Robot with surveillance capability

      Project Members from this location
      • Samarth Viswanath
      • Samarth Viswanath

      This robot built using Raspberry Pi uses the sensors to to sense the obstacles around the area and would accordingly avoid the obstacle and avoid collision. The video camera would be used for surveillance and would run as when an obstacle is encountered and hence stores this pictures in the me... Visit Project

    • Improving the efficiency of an internal combustion engine with an Electrolytic Cell

      Project Members from this location
      • Maurice O'Donoghue

      The aim of the project is to raise the efficiency of a internal combustion engine, while also reducing the emissions produced . Modern petrol engines have a maximum thermal efficiency of about 25% - 30%. In other words, 70-75% is rejected as heat without being turned into useful work,e.g turni... Visit Project

    • M.A.D.- The Medical Administration Device

      Project Members from this location
      • Luke Fehily
      • Caolán  McCarthy
      • Liam o'Donovan

      -The primary aim of our project is to create a sterile, economical and risk-free method of administering various medications. The solution we have devised is relatively simple- a wearable wristband. This wristband would avail of all new and upcoming technologies such as Bluetooth Smart, micro-... Visit Project

    • Save the Galaxy

      Project Members from this location
      • Adrian Collins

      Save the Galaxy is a game built on Scratch using real astronomical data. The team processed the background image using raw astronomy data from CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory's Project Tara Tara is a suite of robotic telescopes -

      Matt Mallon took the backgroun... Visit Project