"Save the Galaxy" is a game built on Scratch using real astronomical data. It highlights the threat of Near Earth Objects including asteroids that impact life on Earth and how observing and space exploration offers a solution to this threat. The project is an old skool game that illustrates nu-skool skills of code, design, technology, astronomy and space science. It was made by a team of young bright sparks aged 13 using real data, real code and plenty STEAM enthusiasm for the gaming process.


Save the Galaxy is a game built on Scratch using real astronomical data. The team processed the background image using raw astronomy data from CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory's Project Tara Tara is a suite of robotic telescopes -

Matt Mallon took the background image of the Triangulum Galaxy (M33, a pinwheel galaxy) while onboard the inaugural Aer Lingus flight from Ireland to San Francisco April 2 2014 on a coding mission to our sister city. We used the inflight wifi to operate the robotic telescope in California and capture the image; we then stacked the raw image to make the background for our Save the Galaxy game. The project aims to achieve a cool game to show how we can destroy smaller asteroids and deflect or break the larger objects into smaller pieces and ..."save the galaxy". We created the game using different images or 'costumes' in Scratch. We used costumes of the Vesta and Lutetia asteroids. We created a NASA observing and missile base using two separate costumes and NASA logo; other costumes such as the Earth, a missile and 'game over' complete the game. When an asteroid appears the missile must hit the asteroid; if this happens the player gets a point; if the asteroid hits the Earth the player looses a life. There are 5 lives.

We made this. Andrew - idealist and CEO Matt - astronomy overlord Aine - creative director Ruth - Schematics, mindmaps, notes, snapchat Richie Rich - graphics and leading expert in awesomeness Babs - Chain-gang master Emily - the code monkey Jack, Lucy, Rory - ancillary support and muffin eaters Clair - Twitter, hashtags, Tara COO Adrian - Lord Gandalph

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