SpaceME is a simple but exciting game where the player ventures into space to discover whether is possibility of life out there. The aim is to have people from all over the world to participate and contribute to the project with creative ideas on how to find out the possibilities of life beyond earth. Contribute and have a unique spaceship created as a character in the game.Visit different planets and find out what dangers and treasures exist on those planets and moons. Will we survive?

This project is solving the Space Mission Roadmap challenge.


With SpaceME we are sharing information about what NASA Missions and gather responses from people through the game. Players need to ask as many questions as possible to satisfy their curiosity about what is happening out there in space. We aim, over time, for this to evolve into a vast platform to share new discoveries with people around the world. We will do this by adding more game levels and provide regular information updates. We will explore how these new discoveries may impact our world and our lives.

We also aim to recognize the contributions of all the heroes and heroines that have gone to space and the space programs that have enabled these explorations into space. The game will have caricatures of real astronauts from around the world in the form of spaceships. This aims to recognise and give prominence to explorers, known and unknown, and to ensure that their legacies are know and speak of their discoveries and contributions to mankind. Other useful information will be provided on our website and the game will be used as a vehicle to drive users learn and get excited about space, technology, maths and science.

As an open, fun project driven by curiosity, we aim to create a community of contributors who will add value and improve the game with their skills, whether they are scientists and researchers, designers and developers, or space enthusiasts.

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License: NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3)

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  • Sipho Ngwenya
  • Arnaud Mukenge Kim