This project is solving the Space Mission Roadmap challenge.


Space events tracking hub

An app for those space enthusiasts that want a briefing of every mission in the palm of their hand.

From a general overview to a detailed look Seth got it covered of the many things the user can do we will point the most notorius: * Overview of missions with filtering by date, by agency, by type, by destination and by goals. * Detailed view of every mission giving information available about technology, objectives, crew, stages, dates, documents, pictures, video links and news related. * Suscribe to an event of a mission te receive reminders and updates by push notifications.

Seth fuels your love for the space with a full hub of information from agencies like NASA and ESA

The code for the Api and the App is on github and the Api is already running in a cloud server and the App is connected to it the App can be used pointing your browser Here!

Also to insert data for new missions to display in the app Click Here!

Made with <3 from Starkware Team

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License: BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" or "FreeBSD" License (BSD-2-Clause)

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  • Flemming Villalona
  • Richard Blondet