Young Cadet is a quiz game that runs on Windows 8 Phone platform targeted towards kids and young people. with a cool space theme. It is educational and gives the space look background. As the player rises in rank and answers he gets the current picture of the earth from space using NASA API as rewards, he also gets pictures of great astronauts and their brief history. In the trophy section, the player uses his points earned to buy Spaceships, Space suits, Asteroids etc.

This project is solving the Earth As Art challenge.


Young Cadet as earlier mentioned is targeted towards kids. In this part of the world(Nigeria/West Africa). A lot of kids wanted to be an Astronauts at their growing stage but as years rolled by, they couldn't get enough knowledge to keep this dream alive. Young cadet solves the problem making them explore space on the game getting them familiar with Names, terms and Introduction to space science thereby increasing Knowledge and bringing dreams alive.

Project Information

License: Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)

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  • Olaoluwa Aboluwarin
  • Mofesola Banjo
  • Dara Oladapo