An innovative rapid response, remote-controlled telescope. The ‘Twitter Telescope’ concept uses the micro-blogging Twitter network to transmit commands to remotely control the telescope and transfer data. The team, led by software developer and Dock tenant, Viva IT, used a couple of Raspberry PI boards which was an ideal opportunity to play with hardware interfacing, Node.js and Twitter.

This project is solving the Asteroid Watchers challenge.


We opted to use Twitter as our network, the near instantaneous nature of a tweet combined with categorisation (hash-tags) and with a payload capability of just enough to send over the details (such as the celestial co-ordinates) was perfect for the job.

Lewis Wright, Director of Viva IT added: “The challenge to develop a low-cost, rapid response, remote-controlled telescope certainly appealed to us and we opted to use Twitter as our network for its near instantaneous nature. We believe that there is a huge potential for further development of the idea and along with other local partners, we are considering taking it on as a community project so that the concept can be shared with schools, engineering communities and other groups.”

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License: NTP License (NTP)